Pizza Tools And Equipment

People love pizza! Having the right pizza tools and equipment is primary if you need consistent good results. Are you thinking of opening a pizza parlor? How about making pizza right in your kitchen? If so then you need to take some time and read this article.

For a home pizzaiolo, the number of pizza tools and equipment needed will depend on your pizza recipe. In our case we shall list all the equipment required, assuming you are making all ingredient from scratch.

Pizza tools and equipment for home baking

To prepare the dough, these are the pizza tools and equipment you need.

Instant thermometer

When preparing your pizza dough, you will need to measure the temperature of the water used to proof yeast. Having the right temperature is crucial in providing yeast with the optimal condition for growth.

Dough mixer

Once you add water, yeast, and flour, you will need a dough mixer. You can choose to use hands to knead the dough if it’s of small quantity.

Other pizza tools and equipment needed regardless of using bought or prepared dough.

Rolling pin

Some people use hands to stretch and flatten the pizza dough. If you value your energy and want a perfect round pizza, then consider using a rolling pin.

Pizza Peel

A pizza peel or pizza spatula is a long-handled pizza tool used to transfer and retrieve pizza in a hot oven. You can also choose to prepare the dough and serve the pizza if the peel is made of either wood or composite.

Pizza cutter

A pizza cutter, like the name suggests, is used to cut pizza. You can choose between pizza wheel, pizza knife or pizza scissors to cut your pizza. Check out our pizza cutter article for more information.

Pizza stone

For a crispy pizza, you need to bake your pizza on a pizza stone. A pizza stone is preheated in an oven before you place pizza dough on it.

Pizza trays

A pizza tray is used to transfer a hot pizza from oven and also serve. Do not use a pizza tray to cook your pizza.

Pizza Oven

A gas or electric oven with a heat capacity of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit will do the job.

Pizza tools and equipment for pizza parlours 

If you are thinking of opening a pizzeria, then you need pizza tools and equipment that are of commercial standards. Unlike home pizza tools and equipment, these items need to be of more quality and durability.

Pizza Oven

Commercial pizza ovens are large to accommodate many pizzas at once. As you consider the size, it’s essential that you add consideration in regards to the brand of the pizza oven. Some brands have a reputation for manufacturing better pizza ovens.

Pizza cutter

While there are many types of pizza cutters, a pizza Mezzaluna is better suited for a business purpose.

Pizza Peels

The difference between home baking pizza peel and commercial pizza peel is size and length of the handle. Considering the size of the pizza oven, you need a pizza spatula that can reach the far end of the oven and still keep your hands at a safe distance.

Pizza mixer

For all pizza shop owners, a pizza mixer is a primary pizza tool. Unlike for home bakers, mixing a large quantity of dough with hands is tedious.


If there is excess dough, you need to preserve it for future use. Keeping dough and excess pizza in a fridge guarantees to keep them fresh.

Pizza thermometer

When making a large dough, you need to be even more conscious. Otherwise, you risk compromising the taste of the pizza, which is bad for business. You will use the thermometer to ensure there is an optimal environment for yeast fermentation.

Here are the factors to bethink when buying commercial pizza tools and equipment.


items such as pizza cutters, pizza peels are heavily used. Consider buying more than one.

The pizza tools and equipment must adhere to safety standards.

The pizza oven, refrigerators, pizza peels should tick with stipulated safety standards. This help to keep your business and customers safe from hazards.

Ease of use: As you buy your pizza equipment ensure they are easy to use. This way, any person with minimal training can handle them.

Check warranty of your pizza tools and equipment.

While some people opt to buy second-hand pizza tools and equipment, new tools are better since they have warrants. If you have equipment with expired warrants, consider insuring them against hazards and theft.


Considering there are other items needed to run a pizza parlor, e.g., furniture, license, wages, you need to remain within your budget.

Do you now feel more confident to venture into pizza baking? Besides this pizza tools and equipment article, check out more of pizza-related articles from us.






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