Pizza Rocker Knives

Among other pizza cutters, pizza rocker knives rocks. If you fancy yourself making pizza at home, then you will fall in love with this type of pizza cutter.

I know you are asking lots of why’s, e.g., why not choose pizza wheel cutter or pizza scissors cutter. Keep reading, and I will clearly explain why.

Making a great pizza entails paying a lot of attention to details.  Once you are done baking the pizza, the very last steps are to cut and serve. To cut your pizza into slices, any sharp kitchen object can do the work. However, if you do not want a huge mess with the toppings and cheese, don’t use a kitchen knife. Do it like a pro and use a pizza cutter.

At this stage, you have an option to choose these three types of pizza cutters: rolling pizza cutter, pizza scissors cutter, and Pizza rocker knives.

As a professional pizzaiolo, I can tell you that each of this pizza cutters has its own advantages.

For a pizza cutter wheel, you can cut the pizza into your desired shape pieces.

As per pizza cutter scissors, you can cut your pie into perfect triangles and with some, serve immediately.

Now let’s get to our Pizza rocker knives.

pizza rocking knives

Also known as Mezzaluna, pizza rocker knives are large knives curved into a half moon shape. The blade has a handle on both ends of the blade to protect the cutter’s hand. To cut the pizza, all you do is while your pizza is on the cutting board. Then place it on your pizza and rock it back and forth, from one end of the pizza to the other. This is where it got its name, rocking pizza cutter.

If you are planning to purchase pizza rocker knives, then you can choose from a myriad of these cutters in regards to material, size, and designs of handles. This brings us to what factors you need to keep in mind when purchasing pizza rocker knives.


Pizza rocker knives are made of different material. Some of the materials interact with acidic properties from pizza topping resulting in rust. The best material to choose would be pizza rocker knives made from stainless steel.

Stainless Steel neither rusts nor warps when continually used.

Overall size

In regards to size, you should go with a one that suits your use. If you are making pizza at home, medium to the small size is recommended.

If you are buying the pizza rocker knives for a restaurant then a bigger size would be more efficient.


While pizza rocker knives handles come in different materials, the primary purpose of these handles is the comfort when cutting the pizza. Your pizza cutter handle should, therefore, provide firm and comfortable grip.

If you are more concerned with looks, then check one with handles made from composite material.

Advantages of using Pizza rocker knives


If you want a durable pizza cutter, then you better choose Pizza rocker knives. But make sure that if you are using it in a commercial application then you should consider getting a pizza rocker knife with high-quality materials.

Some pizza rocker knives come with polycarbonate edge polycarbonate protector to keep the blade sharp and safe when stored.

Easy to clean

Unlike other types of pizza cutters, Pizza rocking cutters are simple by design. This means that food particles don’t have places to hide. This also means that it is very easy for the new guy to use.

You can use the blade to cut other things

If you have been practicing, then you can use Pizza rocker knives to cut other materials such as herbs vegetables, fruits, and spices.

The good thing about this is that you can do a much larger pile of whatever your cutting. With the pizza rocker knives, you can cut more than a traditional chefs knife.

Easy to clean

You do not need skills to cut a pizza using Pizza rocker knives. Again, when cutting, one is not required to hold the pizza while you cut. So this makes it safer for use by children.

Limitations of using pizza rocker knives

Safety issues

Pizza rocking cutters have open blades. This makes it not safe to mix with dishwater, and you should be careful when washing the blade. The same level of caution is needed when storing pizza rocking cutters.

If you need to make customized cuts from your pizza, this type of pizza cutter should be off your list.

So why not upgrade to Pizza rocker knives and make pizza cutting with a kitchen knife a thing of the past.  This safety conscious pizza cutter is perfect for at-home chefs and pizza connoisseurs alike.

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