Pizza Peel Reviews

Pizza Peel Reviews And [Secret Insider Tips]

Growing up as a child I spent a lot of time hanging around the pizza shop while my uncles made pizzas all day. I didn’t know it then, but I was going to get to know that pizza peel very well.Our pizza shop has been using the RotoFlex oven since 1974. Anyone who has cooked pizzas on the RotoFlex they know that the only pizza peel for the job is the wooden handle aluminum pizza paddle.

That is the exact paddle we’ve been using for over 40 years and through 3 generations. On this page, I will try and help you understand the difference between pizza peels and pizza paddles. Don’t forget about pizza shovels or pizza spatulas.

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Lesson # 1 Those are just different names for the same thing, a Pizza Peel aka Pizza Paddle. Everybody has their own preferences and they all have their rightful place in the pizza industry.

Lesson #2 There is not a single perfect pizza peel that works for every pizza shop. The type of peel that you use will be determined mainly by your kitchen setup and your pizza making needs.

There are a lot of different ways to make a pizza and rightfully so there are a lot of different types of pizza peels to fit those pizza making methods. I will try and help you choose the best pizza peel for your pizza making methods.

Pizza peels are instrumental kitchen utensils that make your process of preparing and serving pizzas enjoyable, practical and stylish. If you are a restaurant that serves pizza, you have an excellent opportunity to try out the latest pizza peel models on the market and benefit from the results.

[Tips] For Your Pizza Peel – Paddle

[Pizza Peel Secret # 1] We take our pizza paddle and we grind the 3 bolts that hold the wooden handle to the aluminum peel down as flat as we can get them. This way the paddle slides over the oven shelves without getting caught on anything. And it also stops the pizza screens from getting caught on the pizza paddle.

[Pizza Peel Secret # 2]  We take the pizza paddle and file the edges of the aluminum head down at an angle from the top of the pizza paddle. We use an old school handheld file and we only file from the top not from the bottom. That way it is much easier to get the pizza peel to slide under all the pizza screens.

[Experts design the best pizza peels] with a variety of features. Features like being very lightweight combined with extreme strength and sustainability. All of that with antibacterial properties and still a modern style to go with your restaurant or home kitchen. Combined in a practical manner to impress your family as well as your customers. Most importantly the praise of the brave men and women working 12 hour days in the kitchen cooking those amazing pizzas.

Before choosing a particular pizza peel on the market for your use at work, it is important to have a number of features in mind and carefully consider the level of convenience and the kind of service you are going to get out of your best pizza peel. Below are some of the important features of the latest pizza peels on the market to enable you to come up with an informed decision of purchasing your own pizza peel. 

We have used the wood handle aluminum pizza peel for over 40 years!

Yes, that is a true statement. Our pizza making method uses a large Rotoflex oven. These have slate shelves that are round and rotates slowly around in circles. Oh yeah, and the shelves are stacked on top of each other to create a 4 level, rotating pizza oven held at 550 degrees Fahrenheit.

This oven is best used with pizza screens. So we stretch our pizza dough out and lay it on top of the screens. Then we sauce and top our pizzas. This way, we can pick up the screens and set them inside of the pizza oven to bake.

When using pizza screens, it is nearly impossible to use a wooden pizza peel. The head of the pizza peel is just way to thick and will never fit underneath your screens. So whatever pizza paddle that we choose, it had to have a very thin head.

A Wooden Handle Aluminum Pizza Peel – Paddle

Aluminum Pizza Peel with a wood handle

This is an American Made wooden handle aluminum head pizza paddle with rounded corners. When people search for metal pizza paddles, they usually meant this aluminum pizza paddle. This pizza paddle comes in a variety of different sizes. We use the 14-inch size pizza peel. I find that is the perfect mix of weight and size. Remember that you will be holding this pizza paddle all day and all night long. They tend to get heavy.

Another fantastic quality of this pizza paddle is the wooden handle. I’m sure you know that after working the ovens all day, your hands tend to get very greasy. This wooden handle pizza paddle absorbs those greases so your hands do not get slippery. We would hate to drop a perfectly topped and cooked pizza.

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Don’t be fooled,  not all wood handled pizza paddles are absorbent. There are a few pizza paddle companies that thought they would be smarter than everyone and varnish the wooden handle. Well, That was dumb. Because all that does is stop the wooden handle pizza paddle from absorbing anything and just makes the handle so slippery.

For the purposes of comfort, the handle has been designed in such
a way that it is easy to hold and lift. Featuring a contoured design, the peel
easily scoops, prepares and grabs baked food with ease.

In terms of the weight, this latest pizza paddle model is simply awesome. Do not be fooled by its lightweight nature. Its strength versus weight ratio is more than you will need for the largest and heaviest pizzas. Allowing you to handle your pizzas without being worried of possible breakage. Then we would have to hear what no restauranteur wants to hear, “We need a remake!”.

Easy to Clean Pizza Peels
Unlike other pizza peel models which are unshapely and causes a lot of inconveniences while washing, the latest design of the pizza peel is different. By simply holding it in the right way and washing it with warm water, you get it clean, shiny and back to its newest state. However, it is advisable to avoid the use metal scrubbers on the wooden handle during cleaning as this may shorten your pizza peel’s lifespan.

Bottom Line – Wooden Handle Aluminum Pizza Peel – Paddle –

I believe that if you cook your pizzas in a Rotoflex oven then this is the best Pizza Peel for you. Your pizza cooks will appreciate how lightweight it is which will help the speed and flow of the oven man. They will also like how well the wood handle absorbs all the oils so they keep a better grip.

Commercial Grade All Wood Long HandlePizza Peels – Paddle

A amazon link to a wooden pizza peel
Wooden Pizza Peels

Here we have an all wooden long handle pizza peel. This is a different way of making pizzas than what we do at my restaurant.  This wooden pizza peel is primarily used by pizza guys who stretch the pizza dough and then lay the pizza dough right on top of the wooden pizza paddle. Then they just top the pizza like normal. This method takes a lot of flour so the pizza dough does not get stuck on the wooden pizza peel. 

This method takes a lot of flour so the pizza dough does not get stuck on the wooden pizza peel. Because they also have to take that heavy pizza with all your favorite toppings and slide it off of the wooden pizza peel. So they can put that masterpiece right on to the oven shelves. 

Long Handle Wooden Pizza Peels

The long handle wooden pizza peel is meant to make pizzas without pizza screens. So this method means that the pizza cooks are using a different pizza oven. Pretty much a different style of making pizzas altogether.

But if your needs dictate that you need a long handle wooden pizza peel. Then this is one of the best ones on the market. It is commercial grade but still looks very good and brings back “old school pizzeria” memories. That is why these type of long handle peels are still very popular.

This wooden peel is made of high-quality wood that lasts very long in an abusive commercial setting. I have seen these paddles last over 10 years of constant use. The only reason they replaced it was that it was just time……

Anti-bacterial properties for the  wooden pizza peel – Paddle

It is fascinating to learn how thoughtful and creative the designers of the best pizza peel were to come up with a great antibacterial pizza peel that does not tolerate thriving and multiplication of bacteria. This assures you and your customers the safety of this unique kitchen utensil. That is because of the bamboo wood used to make different types of wooden pizza peel models such as Pizza Royale.

It has anti-bacterial properties that naturally fight against bacteria and is hard enough to prevent the deep knife grooves where bacteria are likely to thrive. In addition to the anti-bacterial properties, the best pizza peels are certified and approved by different quality assurance and standards bodies such as FDA, BSCI, FSC, AND LFGB. This is an assurance enough that your health is guaranteed as long as you purchase the proper wooden pizza peel model.

In addition to the anti-bacterial properties, the best pizza peels are certified and approved by different quality assurance and standards bodies such as FDA, BSCI, FSC, AND LFGB. This is an assurance enough that your health is guaranteed as long as you purchase the proper wooden pizza peel model.

 Wooden Pizza Peels For Home

photo of a wooden pizza peel
Wooden Pizza Peel for your home

Ethically Sourced Premium Natural Bamboo Pizza Peel – [A Natural Choice] 

Have you ever desired to go natural? The latest design of home use wooden pizza peels on the market is your ultimate gateway into the world of nature. Where you can comfortably make use of naturally sourced bamboo to uphold the modern and stylish way of life. The natural color and general appeal of this wooden pizza peel is extremely attractive and once you purchase it, yours will be a life full of enjoyment and appreciation of nature and pizza making.

Wooden Pizza Peels Quality Assurance

The best home wooden pizza peels normally come with a warranty of at least one year. This is a confirmation of the high-quality materials that the peel is designed with. This ensures that you engage in a gamble-free transaction by purchasing a product which is subject to full refund in case of failure to function properly, especially if the problem is arising from its manufacture. Therefore, your choice to buy the best pizza peel from a highly reputable company like Amazon is a secure bid for which you will never regret.

Wooden Pizza Peel Superior Design

The best pizza peel models feature a beautiful and stylish design that allows you to enjoy your pizza in a stress-free manner. Instead of the conventional pizza peel made of oak wood, experts have decided to replace it with bamboo wood material as the best material to meet your needs.

This bamboo material makes it stronger, long-lasting and light-weight. Purchasing it enables you to enjoy its convenience together with all of your family and friends. Even if you have a creative son or daughter who likes to use your good kitchenware for arts and crafts.  They will not be able to break it, because of the strength the bamboo materials provide.

In fact, the modern style used to design your favorite pizza peel is also fascinating to your child. If you want to impress her, the best thing you can do is let her play with this as much as they want. There is nothing they can do to it. It is kid tested and kid approved. It makes a perfect gift for your sweetheart.

Do you have a husband or wife that loves to cook? Do they have a birthday coming up? This makes a perfect gift for your sweetheart. And you get to use it yourself. A win/win situation.


Ultimate Aluminum Pizza Peel – Paddle


Steel Pizza Peel for your home

This aluminum pizza paddle is for home use only. As long as you are ok with that then this is a pretty effect pizza paddle. This pizza paddle is extremely lightweight. It is built pretty solid as well. This paddle has held some of my heaviest pizzas without breaking or even seeming like it was gonna break.

One of the pros about this pizza paddle is the center of gravity is very good, That means you take a very heavy pizza or even a heavy casserole out of the oven with ease. Because the item you are holding is very close to where your hand is for grip.

The downside of the great center of gravity for this pizza paddle is that your hand is very close to the very hot item you are pulling out of the very hot oven. You do have to be careful with his pizza paddle. But as long as you can manage the risks. This pizza paddle is actually pretty impressive.

Be Creative With your Pizza Paddle

You do not need to use a lot of flour with this paddle. Unlike traditional metal or wood peels, only a little bit of flour is needed since special divots on nano-ceramic surface promotes the release of raw dough onto the shelves that you will be cooking your pizza on. So your pizza crust tastes perfect every time.

Let’s not overlook the Beauty of this pizza paddle. This is a very modern and stylish paddle. It is not often that you can find a very modern pizza paddle that functions just as good as it looks. So, good job to the designers of this pizza paddle.

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Pizza Peels Helps Us Create Perfection!

As you can see from the pizza making video above. We know a few things about making a perfect pizza. There are a lot of people who will get on the internet and try to review something that they have no idea about. A lot of the time these people have never even seen the product in person. Let alone ever use it.

This video is from the pizza kitchen that I have worked in for a long time. This pizza restaurant has been making pizza since 1974. The pizza recipe is a family secret and made today exactly how they made it back then.

When we review pizza peels you can rest assured that we have used the pizza peels that we talk about. I personally have used a lot more pizza peels than we mention on this page. But I tried to pick the most relevant pizza peels. Otherwise, this article would be about 10,000 words long.

Our restaurant uses the wood handle aluminum head pizza peel that gives us the best of both worlds.

1. We get the wood handle that absorbs a lot of the oils that come from the fresh pizzas. This lets the pizzaioli keep a good grip on the peel all night long.

2. We also get the very thin aluminum head on the pizza peel. This way it is much lighter than the wooden peel. Also, it slides under the pizzas much easier.

So as you can see, the wood handle aluminum pizza peel gives us everything we are looking for in a pizza peel. So if you ask me which is the very best pizza peel out of all the pizza peels that we cover here. I would highly recommend the pizza peel that we use. The wood handles aluminum head pizza peel.

But with that being said. If you are running a different setup in your kitchen. Then you might need a different set of criteria that would change which pizza peel you need to buy.

So be careful to take a hard look at what type of pizza peel that would work best for you. Then you can choose the best pizza peel available inside that category. This way you do not waste a lot of money trying different types of peels. Let my mistakes and lessons save you money and time. I hope this helped.

Multi-Purpose Nature Of A Pizza Peel

Instead of wasting your money on other cheaper models of pizza peels that will only serve a single function, it is worth spending a little bit more on the best model that offers multiple functions. Apart from just using it to pick up your favorite pizza or any other meal out of the oven, you can use it as a cutting board with a handle, or as a cooking and scooping tool, as a serving tray for your bread, meats, cheeses or d’oeuvres

All you need is to be a little bit more creative and you will realize that there is much more you can do with this wooden pizza peel than what you might actually think you can.


In a nutshell, the best pizza peels available on the market come from the most reputable companies and include a number of features that are beneficial for users as described above. From the above review of the best pizza peel on the market today, you can easily make a choice to buy yours.

By ordering your pizza peel from Amazon, you are sure to get a huge discount compared to what you would have paid elsewhere. You can choose to transform your kitchen today and make a difference for which you will never regret. Buy the best pizza peel today from Amazon and fulfill your dreams once and for all.