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A pizza paddle is a primary pizza making tool. You can either purchase it from a local store or online market. Most people agree that carrying things from a store is a thing of the past. How about getting your favorite drink, sit on your home couch and purchase a pizza paddle Amazon?

Shopping online has fewer hassles plus it saves you money for buying shopping bags. So, what is stopping you? Here are tips to make the experience smooth and satisfactory.

Check pizza paddle Amazon reviews

You head to the local store, see an attractive pizza peel but then realize no one is there to give a genuine review if it’s worth your money. Buying a pizza paddle amazons exposes you to hundreds of authentic reviews from previous buyers. The reviews provide a feeling of what to expect with the pizza peels and pizza cutters.

Compare prices and quality of pizza paddle Amazon

This is one of the leading reason why a lot of people prefer shopping online. You get to learn a lot as you move from one pizza paddle to another. Do this on a local store, and you will need to part with money for massage due to back and leg pains. With Amazon, one hour is enough to learn all kinds of pizza spatulas it offers, their quality and prices. With such precious information, one can confidently settle for the best paddle that matches the budget.

Know your paddle need in prior

It’s true that a pizza paddle use is to put a pizza in and out of the oven. However, you cannot purchase a pizza paddle randomly due to the difference in size of oven and pizza size. If your pizza peel is for commercial use, then you need a pizza spatula that matches restaurant pizza ovens criteria.


Home use ovens have a single and small doorway. The length of pizza paddle amazon should reach the furthest end and give allowance between the baker and the furnace. The size of the pizza paddle blade should be small enough to fit through the door of the oven.

There is a plethora of pizza paddle Amazon. The major categories are the metal and wood peels. Each of the material has its advantages as well as limits.

For example, if you purchase a wooden pizza paddle alone, then you will enjoy smooth sliding of the pizza dough into the oven but have problems and retrieving the pizza.

Metal peels, on the other hand, are efficient in getting the pizza out but sloppy in putting the dough in.

paddle patchement paper

To eliminate such problem which risks spoiling your pizza, you can either choose to purchase both wooden and metal pizza paddle Amazon or buy a metal peel plus parchment paper to enable efficient sliding of raw pizza dough onto the cooking grates.

Check the paddle delivery fee

Where there is no free shipping, the delivery fee is given once you add the pizza paddle to your purchase cart. Pizza peels vary in delivery fee. Therefore, as you navigate through the prices, it’s imperative to check the fee and see the total cost. Otherwise, you might be lured by the displayed pizza paddle price and incur a more significant delivery fee compared to buying other peels.

Check the pizza paddle after delivery

Amazon is one of the credible online shops in the world. However, mistakes happen, and the delivered peel is different from the orders, or it does not meet standards. Taking the pizza paddle Amazon for a test is the only way to ensure you don’t end up with a lousy product after return period expires.

Remember to use your discount vouchers on Amazon. You can also use this platform to buy a pizza paddle or some pizza accessories from Amazon as a gift for a friend or family member. Otherwise, have fun with your online pizza spatula purchase. Always cook safely.

Pizza paddle

It’s every baker wish to make an irresistible, crispy and tasty pizza. To make that happen one need to have some means of putting the pizza into the hot oven or pizza stone without getting burnt. It is at this juncture where a pizza paddle comes into play.

There are many types and qualities of pizza paddle making the process of picking the right one a daunting task. In this post, you will get a quick guide, tips and get to know the type of pizzas available. Let’s get started.

What is a pizza paddle?

There are dozens and dozens of kitchen utensils. Each of these serves a different purpose. When it comes to making a pizza, you will need a pizza paddle to transfer the dough into and out of the oven. This flat board is equipped with a handle to enable the baker safely put and retrieve the pizza out of the oven.

Pizza paddles can be made from metal, composite wood or solid wood. For the pizza paddle to work it should:

  • Have a long handle for protection.
  • Have a square or round head/blade to place and slide the dough easily
  • The head should be small enough to fit in and out of the oven without destroying the pizza.

Tips in choosing the right pizza paddle

Choosing the right pizza recipe for your skills plus adequate planning is the trick to making an exceptional pizza. Having the proper pizza tools is vital to accomplishing the task smoothly. Therefore, your choice of pizza needs to be well calculated. Here are some points to keep in mind when purchasing a pizza paddle.

Pizza paddle features

A pizza paddle can be anything that has a blade and a handle to facilitate picking a pizza in and out an oven or a grill. However, these pizza paddles are not similar. Some will suit you better than other. When choosing a pizza paddle, you need to consider these features: blade type, shape, materials used and ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Shape – there is round, rectangular and square blades. Round pizza paddles work best for commercial use where there is baking of many pizzas at a go while the other two can be used for home-baked pizzas.

Construction Material- Wood pizza paddles are best in putting the pizza into the oven as they are less likely to stick with the dough. Metal pizza paddle has a thin blade hence better in retrieving and flipping the pizza.

composite pizza paddle

Composite pizza paddle is simple to maintain, thinner than wooden paddled, but still thicker than metal. Composite peel handles, however, are shorter than other two types of pizza paddles and could cause injury.

Handle length – different ovens need different lengths of pizza paddles handles. To know which size suits your oven, measure the distance from the door to the end. Then add some inches to give allowance from the oven entrance to your hand. The length of the pizza paddle from the heat to the end of the handle should be between 26 and 39 inches.

Ease of cleaning and maintenance – wood pizza paddle need more attention when cleaning. For example, due to its absorbent nature, you cannot mix the paddle in dishwater. Also, before you store it, the wooden pizza paddle needs to be completely dry to prevent it from warping. Stainless steel pizza paddle, a type of metal pizza paddle, has minimal maintenance and is also the easiest to clean.


Stainless steel costs more among the types of pizza paddle. This is because it’s durable, aesthetically appealing and has a thin blade. On the other end of the price spectrum, we have wooden pizza paddle which remains the best in sliding the raw pizza dough. However, wood peel has some downside such as it can get burn spots, a thick blade which is less efficient for retrieving the pizza and need more maintenance. Those are some of the reason why wooden pizza paddle sells cheaper compared to metal pizza paddle. In our research, we have observed that pizza paddle prices range between $20 and $55. Therefore, you can get a peel that suits your budget and fits into your pizza cooking plans.

Whichever pizza paddle you choose, you need to keep it clean and well stored. Most people prefer to hang them on the wall while those who have peels with retractable handles have an option to keep them inside the kitchen cabinet. To make the use pizza paddles easier, purchase a parchment paper- a cellulose-based paper with a non-stick surface used to dispose raw pizza dough into the oven.


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