Pizza Oven Accessories

Pizza oven accessories are meant to enhance your pizza baking experience. In this article, I shall guide you on the pizza oven accessories to turn your foray into an outdoor cooking success. While there may be an endless list of useful pizza accessories, we shall only go through the essential ones.

A good quality pizza spatula

Commonly known as a pizza peel, a pizza spatula is one of the essential pizza oven accessories. When purchasing these accessories, please consider its material, size, and quality.

pizza spatula

For commercial purpose, you need a highly efficient pizza peel. Consider buying a stainless steel one and with a long handle.

Pizza oven brush

If you use a wood pizza oven, then you need a pizza oven brush. This accessory will help clean up ash after the fire has gone out. The recommended oven brush is one with a long handle.

A wire brush is preferred over regular oven brush. This is because it doesn’t burn from hot ash and can be used to distribute heated charcoal.

Pizza wheel

After putting a lot of effort into baking your pizza, you may not want to spoil things in the end. A pizza wheel enables you to cut the pizza without messing with the toppings.

For durability find a stainless steel pizza wheel and with an ergonomic handle.

Tip: when using a pizza wheel always drag the wheel towards you, not pushing it forward.

Heat resistant gloves

While a pizza peel is enough to keep your hands safe when baking, heat resistant gloves are still needed. This pizza oven accessory comes handy when lighting fire. The gloves also make pushing firewood into the oven more comfortable.

When buying gloves go for ones that can handle high temperatures.  The gloves should also fit and extend to cover your wrist.

Pizza oven cover

Pizza oven cover is another primary pizza oven accessories. Once you finish using your outdoor oven, you need to protect it from the rain. If you use a brick oven and fail to cover it, chances are the oven will crack.

Once the water penetrates, it will freeze expanding the crack even more. If you use a metal oven, chances are the oven will rust in the long run. Therefore it's recommended that you cover your oven after use.

To get a good pizza oven cover, you need to be looking out for quality. Heavy duty oven covers are made of a polyester material which does not fade and is entirely waterproof.

Pizza stone

Most home use pizza oven does not have a suitable place to cook a pizza. For crispy pizza, you, therefore, need a pizza stone.

pizza oven accessories

This special stone is preheated before introducing the pizza dough on it. It helps distribute heat across the surface making the pizza crispier.

Laser thermometer

Unlike other thermometers, laser thermometer uses a laser to detect the exact temperature of the oven. By knowing the temperature, you become informed on when to introduce the pizza dough into the oven.

pizza oven accessories

Pizza oven holder basses

To work better with an outdoor pizza oven, you need a work table. Pizza oven tables have adjustable height and wheel for portability. Check the numerous design to see which fits you.

Ash shovel for a wood pizza oven

Once you are done baking your pizza, you are required to remove ash from the burned wood. An ash shovel is one of the pizza oven accessories involved in the cleaning process.

You can choose to use this accessory alongside a pizza oven brush.

Firewood tongs

Firewood tongs are used to grip firewood and help you push them into the pizza oven at a safe distance. This make puts them in the pizza oven accessories for safety and convince.

A more extended set of firewood tongs makes the job easy.

Note: You can choose to buy these items individually or as a set. The second option is more cost effective. For example, you can get a pizza oven accessories set with a laser thermometer, pizza ash shovel, pizza spatula (one for turning and another for placing and retrieving pizza) and pizza oven brush.

We are now hopeful that got a better understanding what pizza oven accessories are, and how to choose them. If you need more information about a particular pizza accessory that we did not mention, don’t hesitate to drop your question below. All the best.

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