Pizza Cutting Knife

How do you cut and enjoy your pizza at home? To those who have ever tried using a kitchen knife, they can attest to the process was uncomfortable and the result not impressive. It’s therefore imperative to use the right pizza tool to cut your pizza into equal slices. A pizza cutting knife is the best tool to do so

. The pizza cutting knife has a straightforward task, and that is to cut a full pizza into smaller, consumable pieces.

Did you know the old pizza cutting knife did not start as a tool for cutting smaller pieces of pizza? The modern-day pizza knife was based off a cleaver meant for cutting herb. The original pizza cutting knife was called a half-moon knife or Mezzaluna, invented back in 1708by Silvio Pautti. The pizza knife has now evolved into a larger version of pastry wheel.

Types of pizza cutters

While there is a single purpose of pizza cutting knife , there is a myriad of pizza cutters out on the market. The most popular is the pizza cutting wheel. It’s upon the pizzaiolo to choose one that best fit his/her needs.

Pizza scissors

Pizza scissors are the least common type of pizza cutters. The pizza tool works like standard scissors but has a base that serves the process of cutting. The good thing about this tool it that it’s the most affordable version of pizza cutters compared to its industrial cousin.

pizza scissors

Pizza wheel

A pizza wheel is the most common type of pizza cutter on the market. Its ease of use, plus an ergonomic handle are some of the reasons why you will find the pizza tool in any pizza parlor or home that bakes pizza.

pizza wheel

Epicurean pizza cutting knife

This is the oldest version of a pizza cutter. While its popularity has reduced, the pizza cutting knife works very well for smaller, thicker pizzas. The blade is curved with handles on both ends. The design makes it easier to rock the blade back and forth, cutting the pizza into slices. Other types of pizza cutting knife are the hack and cut type, similar a chopping knife.

pizza mezzaluna

So why is this pizza cutting knife not the favorite with pizza bakers? One, the pizza cutter require some skills to handle. It also calls for strength to cut hence not convenient when cutting many pizzas. However, if you want a pizza cutting knife that doubles as a tool for chopping vegetables and the like, it’s the best options.

Buying a pizza cutting knife

The design of the pizza cutter comes top among the factors you need to consider when purchasing a pizza cutting knife. This is because the design will give you an idea of how you will be operating it and if it will meet your pizza cutting needs.

The durability of the pizza cutting knife is also essential. For your pizza cutter of choice to last long, it needs to be made from a durable and rust resistant material.

As you aim to get the best pizza cutting knife, you should still mind the budget. Shopping around is the best way to get a quality pizza cutting knife and at the best price.

Your choice of pizza cutting knife should be sharp enough to work through the pizza effortlessly. Instead of sharpening the pizza knife at home, how about buying one that is already sharp?

Choose your pizza cutting knife material wisely. Some of the materials rust, which is not safe for food. Stainless steel is known to be robust, durable and stays sharp for long.

For safety issues, the cutter should be designed to keep your fingers safe. A handle with a good grip will ensure your hand does not slip onto the sharp blade.

How to take care of a pizza cutting knife

Buying and using a pizza cutting knife is one thing, but maintenance is different. How well you take care the pizza cutter will determine how long it will serve. Majority of pizza knives can be washed in dishwater. However, experts recommend hand washing to ensure the cutter is thoroughly cleaned. Whichever way you choose to clean the blade it is of fundamental importance that there is no oil, grease or food left behind. Storing a well-cleaned pizza knife is a breeze.

Now, you have the necessary information to purchase a pizza cutting knife successfully. If buying from an online shop, take advantage of the product reviews to get a feel of how the pizza cutter will perform.

Pizza knife

A pizza is one of the most comforting and fun delicacies to share with friends and family. Therefore, it’s not a surprise why many households have their homemade pizza recipes. While baking the pizza is one part of enjoying the meal, cutting it into pieces is another. If you are hooked on this food, then you need to invest in the best pizza knife.

So, what is a pizza knife? By definition, this is a pizza making tool that allows you to cut the pizza in the cleanest and mess-free manner. With this device, you can make equal and precise cuts to your pizza. Like any other tool, a pizza knife comes in different types. Some of these pizza knives are not worth investing upon as they lack enough sharpness to make thin and clean cuts. Their ease of use also differ. For such reasons, shopping for a pizza knife can be daunting. Don’t fret though as this article got you covered.

Will a pizza knife benefit you?

We all love pizza, and as long as the delicacy exist, we would rush to get a slice. However, when it comes to baking it, most people don’t do it right. However, for someone willing to do the labor, then a pizza knife is a smart investment. A pizza knife does not have a lengthy profile. The only thing you are assured is that it can make your pizza preparation and consumption a lot easy.

A pizza knife saves you from the mess

You will not come across a professional pizzaiolo using an ordinary kitchen knife to slice off their pizzas. Doing so is somewhat absurd, regardless of how you look at it. A professional kitchen knife might be sharp enough to cut through things, but it does not suit a pizza.

One of the reason is that pizzas have a sticky texture emanating from layers of sauce and condiments. Two, a kitchen knife is not ergonomically designed to cut through such a surface. If you try, the motion of the kitchen knife will cause a lot of mess ruining the toppings in the process. Such a pizza is less desirable to eat.

On the other hand, a pizza knife won’t suffer from such issues. A standard pizza knife can make precise and continuous slices, thanks to the blade mobility.

A pizza knife is very convenient

Using a pizza knife is a lot more convenient than using an ordinary kitchen knife. If you love making pizzas, a pizza knife will improve not only the cutting speed but also the cleanliness of your preparation. You don’t have to struggle to make precise and equal pizza slices anymore.

A pizza knife saves you money. Some people can make great pizzas, but they lack the tools to make the delicacy presentable and restaurant worthy. A messed pizza discourages them, and in turn, they opt to go pizza parlor to savor their best dish. The taste and satisfaction might be worth every penny, but you would save more if you create your pizza at home. If you have the right pizza making tools, i.e., pizza knife, you won’t have to dress up or keep rushing to the ATM. They are unnecessary hassles.

Tips for choosing a pizza knife

Are you looking to purchase a pizza knife that satisfies your growing pizza appetite? Then pay attention to these details.


The build of a pizza knife is imperative in the selection process. The right material should be able to withstand rust and corrosion. Ideally, stainless steel comes top as it can resist those external detriments. For the pizza knife handle, wood or specialized plastic is the way to go. The handle should offer convenience and stability on handling. It’s also essential that the handle coating should be non-slip to prevent unwanted slides and accidents.


A pizza knife could be dangerous if it does not provide the right amount of protection. If you have kids in your house, the pizza knife should have a blade guard to prevent direct contact when not in use. If possible, the pizza knife of choice should have a finger guard to protect your hands in case of they accidentally slip onto the blade.


A pizza knife should be sharp. If a specific pizza knife comes with a dull blade, move to others as choosing such a knife will need more effort when slicing the pizza. Note that not all pizza knives have enough sharpness. Some have rough edges, presenting a risk of destroying the toppings of your pizza. For anyone who is meticulous about the appearance of the pizza, that is terrible news.

There are many pizza knives on the market. That could be a good thing or bad thing depending on how you look at it. If you know what you are looking for, buying a pizza knife should not be a head-scratching experience.

Whichever pizza knife you choose, ensure is possess both ergonomics and reliability necessary for this kind of pizza tools.

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