Pizza cutter scissors

Most cooks don’t know they can make their kitchen more fun my using better pizza gadgets to solve their culinary problems. This is because the majority of time using these pizza cutter scissors looks unorthodox.

The fact is, some of these kitchenwares are worth buying. For example have you ever considered buying Pizza cutter scissors, a pair of scissors specially designed to cut a pizza?

Bringing in pizza cutting scissors into the picture evoke question like, does it do a better job compared to the traditional pizza cutter? If yes, how much does it cost? Is it safe to use? Etc. To help you better understand pizza cutter scissors here is what you can do with it.

Pizza cutter scissors make pizza cutting easier

The primary importance of any pizza cutter is not just to cut a pizza but to make the process efficient. If you have ever attempted to cut a pizza with an ordinary kitchen knife, then you understand that not all sharp objects can be used to cut a pizza. If you want to avoid messing your up pizza after all the process of cooking it, then you need to be using pizza cutter scissors.

pizza cutting scissors

Also known as pizza shear, pizza cutter scissors will cut your pizza quickly and without making a mess out of the gooey cheese.

They help get perfect triangular pizza slice

One thing that made pizza shears so popular is their ability to cut a pizza into triangular slices. It’s true that a round pizza is not less delicious than a triangular but something familiar especially when it comes to food is better.

To cut a pizza with pizza cutter scissors and get the triangular shapes, lift the edge of your pizza, snip to the center and repeat on the adjacent side of the pie. Some of the pizza shears have a supporting spatula to make scooping easy. You can, therefore, serve the pizza slice immediately after cutting it.

triangular pies by pizza cutting scissors

Cutting and slimming pizza dough

Once you have rolled the pizza dough to the desired thickness, you can use pizza cutter scissors to cut the dough to your desired dimension. This again brings to the issue of shape. Note: a pizza does not have to be circular. You can make it star-shaped or in a heart shape. Perfect dish for Valentines by the way.

If you insist on a circular pie, you can still use pizza cutter scissors to trim off any scraps.

Pizza cutter scissors won’t deface your cutting board

Some of us invest in an expensive cutting board. Compared to other pizza cutters, i.e., pizza cutter wheel and pizza cutter rocker, pizza cutter scissors do not leave dents on your pizza cutting board or pizza pan.

Since this type of pizza cutter does not roll on these surfaces, it means it won’t get dull or get scratches itself. By having pizza shears it means no need to sharpen your pizza cutter.

You can use pizza cutter scissors on hot pizza

Pizza cutter scissors do not just have good ergonomics but can be used to cut hot pizzas. For example German stainless steel pizza cutter, in case you ever need it to be, has heat resistant of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pizza cutter scissors is cleaning is efficient

Pizza cutter scissors edge traditional rollers because of its ability to disregard the cutting or baking surface of the pizza. This pizza shear is not only the least expensive pizza cuter, but most customers like it because of its dishwater safe to boot.

Pizza Mezzaluna and pizza cutter wheels have exposed sharp blades meaning they need to clean separate from other dishes.

You can use pizza cutter scissors to cut lots of other things

Well, who doesn’t like a kitchen gadget which has more than 14 uses? Invest in a dedicated pair of pizza cutter scissors and be on the road to discover endless ways to use them.

Just to mention but a few uses of pizza shears: cutting bacon, breaking down poultry, slicing herbs, cleaning shrimp, preparing greens, chopping canned tomatoes, making a salad, chopping dried fruit, removing crust from bread, etc.

Does pizza cutter scissors, therefore, make the best pizza cutter for you?

Just like picking out other pizza tools, whether this pizza cuter suits you depend on what you are looking for. For example, in regards to price, pizza rolling cutter tend to be lower in price than its counterparts. For durability and ease of cleaning, rocking pizza cutter come top. However, if you need something out of ordinary, safe to clean and has multiple functionalities then pizza cutter scissors are for you.

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