Pizza Cutter Reviews

Let’s talk about a few different pizza cutters 

There are 2 main types of pizza cutters. They are both very capable pizza cutters but they work in very different ways.

  • Pizza wheel cutter
  • Rocker knife cutter

I have met many pizza makers that swear by each of these pizza cutters so it all depends on the user and the tasks they need to complete. I’m going to try and dig deep into the world of pizza cutters and shed some light on the subject matter.

The pizza cutter is the second most important pizza accessory there is. Of course, you have the pizza peel which is number 1 in importance. But the pizza cutter is a close second. Unless of course, you don’t need to cut your pizza into pieces and that would be weird…

There are a lot of different pizza cutters on the market. All the way from professional pizza cutters to gag gift pizza cutters. But all of these pizza cutters have one thing in common, they need to cut our pizza.

Even if the pizza cutter you reach for is the saucer section of the starship enterprise. Because your crazy uncle thought you would love it so he bought it for you one Christmas……

Pizza Cutter & Pizza Wheel Reviews

I personally have been using the pizza wheel for as long as my family has been making pizza. That is not to say that the pizza rocker knife is any less capable of a pizza cutter as the wheel. It really has to do with how each pizza maker prepares there pizza.

A lot of pizza makers do not want to admit this but a lot of our preference has to do with simply what we were taught with and what the pizza makers that we are around use. Kind of like politics in the family growing up. You tend to lean more towards what you grew up around.

I feel this way because some of the best pizza makers I have ever met absolutely love the rocker knife and would never think about using a pizza wheel. Quite frankly they think the pizza wheel is beneath them and their pizza skills. On the flip side of that, I have met other pizza makers that are some of the best in the industry that laughs at pizza makers who use a rocker knife.

Almost like they are still using a rotary phone instead of an iPhone. So it really does just have to do with preference. Because I think that both sides have a valuable argument and neither side can be denied the importance of this pizza tool in their kitchen.

[Different types] of pizza cutters

Pizza cutter type 1 The pizza wheel. This particular pizza cutter is my preferred way to cut a pizza. The pizza wheel is the way my family and I have been cutting our pizza for over 40 years. It is a very fast and efficient way to cut pizzas. They are a little more difficult to sharpen than the rocking pizza cutter.

Pizza cutter type 2 The rocking pizza cutter. This pizza cutter is not a wheel but more like a giant blade that the pizza maker cuts the pizza by rocking the blade through the pizza. This is a more old world type of pizza cutting method but it is still very efficient. I don’t think it is as fast as the pizza wheel but this pizza cutter does have a few benefits. For one, it is much easier to sharpen than the pizza wheel.

Pizza cutter type 3 The household pizza cutter. This type of pizza cutter is the casual home user. This pizza cutter does not need to be made for commercial use because it will not get the daily beatings a commercial pizza cutter is designed for. This pizza cutter will spend most of its time inside the kitchen drawer. Only to be pulled out every once and awhile when you have that homemade pizza night. They need to look good and be easy to clean.

Pizza cutter type 4 The gift giving pizza cutter. This type of pizza cutter is what I consider gift pizza cutters. You are able to take somebodies love for a hobby or TV show and combine that with eating pizza. Do that and you will be guaranteed to be a great gift giver. So these pizza cutters are very popular for people who are looking for something to buy there loved ones.

Pizza Cutter #1 The Pizza Wheel

A pizza cutter wheel

OXO Good Grips 4-inch Pizza Wheel and Cutter

Amazon calls this pizza cutter the OXO Good Grips 4-inch Pizza Wheel and Cutter. This pizza cutter is a proven workhorse of pizza makers across the world. This type of pizza cutter has been my family restaurants only type we use. As long as I am in charge we will continue to use this particular pizza cutter far into the future.

This pizza cutter has a sharp stainless steel blade that will easily cut any pizza that is up to 4″ thick with no problem. It has a convenient die-cast thumb guard that has saved my thumb on many of occasions. This pizza cutter also has a very large and comfortable non-slip grip. The large grip is a key factor in hand fatigue. A larger grip will be easier for your hand to handle on those long 6 hour shifts working the pizza ovens.

And my personal favorite is that this pizza cutter is dishwasher safe. That means when you are done cutting that perfect pizza you just made. All you have to do is toss the pizza cutter into the dishwasher and let the dishwasher do all the work for you. Because you probably won’t be in the cleaning mood after you eat that pizza.

Unlike other pizza cutters, this one comes with a satisfaction guarantee. If you have a problem with this pizza cutter because of a defect under normal household use. There is a chance to get some sort of compensation or a new pizza cutter altogether.

Finale Thoughts on Pizza Cutter #1 The Pizza Wheel

This is the pizza cutter that I use and have used since I first started making pizzas. So this is the pizza cutter that I highly recommend for a commercial setting. It can be used for the house but it is made more for I volume cutting. Not for pizza night once a week at the house. So, if you own a pizza restaurant. This is the pizza cutter I recommend for you.

Pizza Cutter #2 The Pizza Rocker Knife

The Pizza Cutter Rocker Knife 

Amazon calls this pizza cutter the Best pizza Cutter Rocker Knife. It is slightly different than the pizza cutter we just reviewed. This is called a pizza rocker, for obvious reasons. This pizza cutter is the original tool they used to cut pizzas before they invented the wheel…… wait, what?

This pizza cutter allows you to cut slices of pizza like never before. With very little effort you are able to slice pizzas in seconds. This pizza cutter is 14″ wide which really helps with balance and comfort. This pizza cutter is made of high-quality stainless steel. It does not have a wooden handle making this pizza cutter dishwasher safe as well.

I do have to say that this is a very versatile pizza cutter. Not only is it great for cutting pizzas it can cut your herbs for your sauces and the brownies you made for dessert. It can cut that cooked chicken for chicken salad sandwiches if you wanted. Anything you can lay flat on a cutting board can be cut with this pizza cutter.

The company also claims to have a better than money back guarantee. They are so confident about there pizza cutter they offer a 1-year no-questions-asked money back guarantee. If you have any problems with your pizza cutter they will return all of your money and they will let you keep the pizza cutter. I personally have never had to use this guarantee because I or anybody I know has not had a problem with this pizza cutter.

I have many friends that are in the pizza business and have been for decades. A few of them actually use this type of pizza cutter and they love them. They like to pick on my choice of pizza cutter but I stay strong and stand by my pizza wheel.

Finale Thoughts On Pizza Cutter #2 The Pizza Rocker Knife

I like it. It is very sturdy and can keep up in a commercial setting. I don’t think it can cut pizzas as fast as the pizza wheel. I do think it is a viable option as a pizza cutter and should do just fine. Remember, if there is a problem you get a 100% money back guarantee. You cant go wrong with that as far as I’m concerned. So go ahead and check this pizza cutter out for yourself.

Pizza Cutter #3 The Pizza Wheel 2.0

The Pizza Cutter 2.0 by Kitchy

The official name of this pizza cutter on Amazon is the Kitchy Pizza Cutter Wheel with Protective Blade Guard. I call it the pizza wheel 2.0. This a pizza wheel without the handle. But hey, it looks cool. I am not really sure who looked at a pizza cutter and say “you know what would make that better? Taking away the handle.”

Now that I got my jabs out of the way. It’s kinda cool. It is very sharp and fits in my utensil drawer at home. It has a great cutting blade. The blade is a super sharp stainless steel blade. Just minus the handle. This pizza cutter is very easy to clean. You can toss right into the dishwasher when you are done and not worry about any rusting.

You can actually disassemble the pizza cutter. It is made to take apart very easily and hand clean it. In case the food particles build up inside the pizza cutter. But I just throw mine in the dishwasher and don’t really worry about it after that and it seems to be doing just fine.

Finale Thoughts on Pizza Cutter #3 The Pizza Wheel 2.0

This is a clever and trendy pizza cutter for the home. It is an Amazon #1 best seller and has over 600 reviews and a 5-star rating. It doesn’t matter what I think at this point, those stats speak for themselves. So, if you need a commercial pizza cutter, this is not for you. But if this is for your home, according to over 600 people who have purchased this pizza cutter. They say it is one of the best pizza cutters on the market and nearly perfect. So give it a try.

Pizza Cutter #4 The Multi-Purpose Pizza Cutter

The Multi-Purpose Pizza Cutter

The official Amazon name for this pizza cutter is the Ice Cream Scoop + Pizza Cutter & Server Premium pack from ERA Concept. To give as much information about this subject I felt it necessary to include this Frankenstein of the pizza cutter world. When I first laid my eyes on the pizza cutter I was confused. But after reading over all of the information I actually became intrigued. I thought to myself if this actually works the way they say it does. It could actually be an advancement in the whole pizza cutter industry.

A little about this pizza cutter. This is a 4in 1 pizza cutter and serving spatula that can slice the pizza of pizza then serve the piece of pizza. It also has a serrated knife on one side of the pizza server. It also has a creative little clamp that holds onto the piece of pizza that you are serving. For a added bonus it also comes with a high-end ice cream scooper.

So I went ahead and ordered this pizza cutter. When it arrived I was very excited because I have never used a pizza cutter like this before. Honestly, there is not much bad that I can say about this pizza cutter. It cut my pizza that I cooked pretty well. I was able to serve the pizza. The clip on the pizza spatula was pretty useless. But really the best thing in this package was the ice cream scoop. This was the highest quality piece of kitchenware in the box. The pizza cutter was ok but it did not really make a difference to my pizza serving. This pizza cutter is also strictly for household use. It is not made to last in a commercial setting. But with that said it should be fine in a household setting.

Finale Thoughts on Pizza Cutter #4 The Multi-Purpose Pizza Cutter

I can see the appeal for this pizza cutter. A lot of people have purchased this from Amazon and they have all left 5star ratings. But I come from a commercial background and if a pizza cutter cannot get me through a Friday night on the pizza ovens. Then I’m going to suggest another pizza cutter. But for a house then this might not be too bad. It is a multi-tool so it will save space and that is always a good thing in my opinion. So check it out and maybe you will love it.


Pizza Cutter #5 The Pizza Cutter As A Gift

People have been eating pizza for 100’s of years. So with that comes the fact that pizza and pizza accessories are ingrained in our society and in almost every society around the world. For good or bad we recognize everything pizza. A very smart businessman or businesswoman capitalized and created pizza cutter for literally every occasion. From StarTrek pizza cutters to bicycle wheel pizza cutters and everything in between. They make a great gift because everybody makes pizza at home. Combine that with your favorite hobby or tv show and you get a big hit. I am going to add a few photos of unique pizza cutters. Just click the photos to be taken to Amazon to purchase that or to look at the 100’s more Amazon offers.

The StarTrek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

I am a complete Trekkie and I have been making pizzas since I was born. You do the math, yes I own this StarTrek Enterprise pizza cutter. Try not to laugh too hard because I’m sure we all have something we are not proud of in your kitchen cabinets. The purpose of these gift pizza wheels is to combine what we love with something as awesome as pizza. This StarTrek pizza wheel does that perfectly. So if you know a Trekkie you should get them this as a gift. And I promise they will like it almost as much as I like mine.

The Chopper Motorbike Pizza Cutter

This is for the motorcycle enthusiasts out there. You get to take your love of choppers and your passion for pizza and then make them one. everybody knows at least 1 person in there family or friends that ride. I also guarantee that 9/10 of those people love pizza also. Your welcome! This motorcycle pizza cutter makes a good gift for any occasion. You could get this for somebody who just loves pizza and not choppers and it would still make sense, kind of.

The Bicycle Pizza Cutter

Just in case you are into biking and pizza, your dreams have been realized now as well. There are actually a lot of different type of bikes as pizza cutters. I guess the first run was successful so they decided to make them into a different type of bicycle pizza wheel. Or maybe you just know somebody who loves bicycles and you want them to make you a pizza. You buy them this and I promise they will invite you over for the first pizza they cut.

Pizza cutter wheels

You might be accustomed to ordering pizza but making one in the kitchen is even more rewarding. Aside from the sense of accomplishment, one gets after being able to create one of the most craved dishes in the world; you also get a chance to make a pizza with unique flavors, inducing culinary creativity. With the help of a pizza cookbook or the internet, the right mindset and the right pizza tool any person with the will can make a perfect pizza.

Every skilled pizzaiolo understands how crucial it is to have the right pizza tools. Among the essential ones, we have a pizza cutter. It is the tool used to cut the pizza into pieces/slices. If you think of it, cutting a pizza sounds an easy task requiring no unique tool. The fact is, if you cut the pizza with a knife you stand to make a messed pizza. A pizza cutter ensures that the pizza is cut into equal slices and without ruing the toppings.

A pizza cutter wheel is one of the two types of pizza cutters.  Even more common than its counterpart. The pizza cutter wheel is a circular blade attached to a handle. When cutting the pizza, the cutter rolls through the pizza, guiding it with the handle to ensure it slices how one like it.

Advantages of using a pizza cutter wheel

      • Control

One of the good thing about using the wheel is that you can cut the pizza with any slice since it gives the cutter a full control of direction. This makes the pizza cutter wheel great for cutting pizza with customized topping. With pizza cutter wheel you can avoid cutting what needs to be avoided preserving the theme of the pizza.

Unlike rocker pizza cutter, you can use the wheel cutter on a pizza with a wide diameter thanks to its long handle.

      • Limitation of using a pizza cutter wheel

The setback of using a pizza cutter wheel is that you can only go half deep the diameter for an efficient cut. This means that if a pizza is thick cutting using a wheel cutter becomes cumbersome.

Besides the type of cutter, there are several other factors that a buyer need to put into consideration when purchasing a pizza cutter. This is to ensure that the choice of your pizza cutter perfectly matches your pizza cutting demands. So, how does our pizza cutter wheel fair in this factors?

      • Material

When cutting a pizza, you cannot avoid a lot of tomato sauce. This, plus the fact that you will be operating in a wet condition put a pizza cutter wheel at risk of rusts and stains if it’s not made of the right material. In many cases, you will find two materials in pizza wheel cutter: aluminum and stainless steel. Stainless steel is better in regards to strength and durability.

      • Handle

Cutting a pizza needs a comfortable grip with minimal stress caused as a result. That is especially with those cutting pizzas in bunches. Pizza cutter wheel has ergonomically designed handles for a soft grip, non-slip feature.

      • Non-stick properties

A pizza has lots of sticky ingredients: cheese, sauce, meat, vegetable It would be annoying to be slicing the pizza then remove the stuck elements off the cutter. If this happens, not only do you add work but also you risk ruing your pizza. Pizza cutter wheel comes in materials such as stainless steel which does a clean action.

      • Design

Pizza wheel cutter is not short on design. You can choose, for example, a pizza wheel cutter with a straight or curved handle or, one that has no handle just a protective cover. This pizza cutter also ranges in regards to the size of blade diameters suiting different sizes of pizzas.

      • Maintenance

Any design of pizza cutter when need to be cleaned. Your choice of the cutter should either be easy to dismantle or have no not easy to reach places for easy washing.

      • Safety

A good pizza cutter wheel has a protective cover to prevent accidental cuts. They should always come with a thumb grip just above the hand grip and slightly overlapping the blade. This allows you to keep a firm grip while pressing downwards on the cutter.

You should always make sure that your cutters blade is always sharp. One of the biggest causes of kitchen accidents is using a dull knife.

      • Price

Compared to other pizza cutters, pizza cutter wheel not only come in several designs but cost less. You can easily find this type of cutter at $5 in your local store.

Just like picking a pizza steel, choosing the right pizza cutter wheel depends on what you are looking for. However, if you are after something efficient, easy to use and clean you are on the right track. You can also use the pizza wheel cutter in cutting sandwiches, meat, pancakes, and crust off the bread.

Rocking pizza cutter

All pizzaiolo, professional and home-based, will agree that the best way to cut a pizza is by using a rocking pizza cutter. Once the pizza is cooked, there is a particular way to approach the pie. Cutting the pizza well is part of the process of making the pizza not just edible, but also ensure that there are enough pieces to go round.

Most of the time, cutting the pizza is up to personal preference. Professionally, the type of pizza dictates the cutting style. Here are the two schools of thoughts.

The Pie Cut

This method of cut is the classic cut of a pizza. It involves using the pizza cutter to cut the pizza slicing the pizza in crisscrossed line to make each piece of a pizza triangular.

The Square Cut

Also known as “Sicilian style,†the cutting begins at the edge and works its way through the pizza in horizontal and vertical lines. The pizza is essentially cut into a grid leaving the smaller corner to take the shape of a triangle.

Why rocking pizza cutters are an essential kitchen tool

Unlike a traditional knife, a rocking pizza cutter does not drag cheese and other pizza toppings of the crust. Instead, the slicing motions carefully cut through the crust leaving no damage to the structure of the pizza.

Other Names for the 2 types of pizza cutters

      • The rotating pizza cutter
      • The curved pizza cutter

The rotating pizza cutter:

This cutter is the most common between the two. It can easily be found in kitchen stores and online markets. The rotating pizza cutter, just like its word “rotating” suggests, works like a wheel. In the cutting process, this pizza cutter is rolled across the crust of the pizza, breaking it into desired pieces. The cutter works very efficiently eliminating the need for unique skills or force.

The curved knife pizza cutter:

This pizza cutter is also known as a Mezzaluna. It’s a massive knife curved into a half moon shape. The blade has a handle on both ends to protect the baker hands while cutting. The cutter is used to cut the pizza by rocking the knife back and forth, like a see-saw.

The rocking pizza cutter falls into the second category of pizza cutters. These cutters can be found in different materials, size, and handles. Regarding the material, you can get either aluminum or a stainless steel rocking pizza cutter. Handles are either made of plastic or wood which are bad conductors of heat. These differences bring along difference in prices.

Advantages of having a curved knife pizza cutter 

The advantage of using a rocking pizza is that you don’t have to mind about straight lines. The cutter is also assured of a fast straight line cut. A single hew cut across the entire diameter of your pizza.

Limitations of using curved knife pizza cutter 

First, a rocking pizza cutter is not appropriate to make customized cuts. It also presents a challenge when dealing with a large sized pizza. To cut such a pizza, it means stretching your hand leaving part of your arms exposed to the super-hot pizza, dangerous and unhygienic.

Factors to consider when purchasing a rocking pizza cutter

  • Material

When cutting a pizza, you will be dealing with a lot of tomato sauce. Therefore, it’s advised that the material of choice does not interact with the acidic properties of such toppings. Also, you will be dealing with moisture which can rust and stain poor materials. It will be disappointing if the blade warps by slicing a pizza. That being said, stainless steel should be your material of choice when purchasing a rocking pizza cutter.

  • Handle

The rocking pizza cutter of choice should have an ergonomic handle design. This is to ensure a steady yet comfortable grip with the least effort. Handles made of wood are better for aesthetic purpose. However, a composite handle goes a long way.

  • Non-stick properties

A good rocking pizza cutter should not stick with cheese, tomato sauce, vegetables or ground meat. If this happens, the pizza will get ruined.

  • Easy to clean

The rocking pizza cutter should be easy to clean. Avoid those with nooks and crannies which hide small particles of food later to act as breeding grounds for harmful bacteria.

So, does the rocking pizza cutter sound like your pizza cutter? Finding the right pizza should be fun. You can even choose to try different affordable pizza cutters to practically feel their performance before settling for a particular type. Visit your local store or better go through the extensive inventory presented in the online marketplace.