Pizza Accessories

Pizza making accessories

I have decades of experience making pizzas. So, I have learned a few things about pizza making accessories.

I have been making pizzas since I was a kid with my family. But they have been making pizzas since before I was born.

So I am going to talk a little about pizza making accessories. Hopefully, this helps you save time and money.

A pizza accessory the cutting wheel on a wood table

People love pizza. Like other Italian food, a pizza is most authentic when it’s made with fresh ingredients and the right tools. Whipping up a homemade pizza that beats the local takeout is no small feat. The trick to making perfect pizzas over and over is using the right pizza making accessories. Here are some of the supplies to help make one of the favorite world delicacies.

Pizza cutter

Pizza cutting is a serious business. Think otherwise? Try using a kitchen knife and see the mess you will leave. There are many pizza cutters to choose. For optimal performance use a pizza wheel cutter. Narrow down to one with the best ergonomics and has a removable finger shield for easy cleanup.

Pizza slice divider

A pizza slice divider is the quickest and easiest way to bake a pizza with a different assortment of toppings. Choose one with flexible divider to keep each slice isolated so that you can individually top the slice with different ingredients.

Pizza dough rolling mat

With this pizza making accessory, you don’t have to eyeball the pizza dough when rolling it to your preferred size.

A photo of 2 pizza paddles

Pizza paddle

In regards to material, there are three different types of pizza paddle: metal, wood, and composite. Each of these pizza making accessories has its advantages as well as limitation. Wooden pizza paddle is best for placing pizza dough into the oven and can double as a serving platter. Metal pizza paddle has thin blade hence better for retrieving the pizza.

Pizza Screens

If you have an oven, it is important to bake your pizza, but you still need to use a pizza screen. A pizza screen is metal mesh screens that you will use to put raw pizza so that you can bake it in an oven. With a pizza screen, you can dress your pizza before putting it in an oven.

Pizza oven mitt

While a pizza paddle serves to protect one’s hand from the furnace, extra protection is welcome. Using a pizza mitt is a guarantees your knuckles won’t sustain any burn when baking. The grilling glove is dotted with silicone providing a comfortable grip to a pizza pan or stone. Choose one that is reversible to serve for both right and left-handed bakers.

Pizza cookbook

There are tens of pizza recipes. A pizza cookbook will help you learn how to bake the best pizza party for your friend and family. For example, you can choose TMNT pizza cookbook, costing $16.50 to prepare favorites pies like New York Style Pepperoni Pizza.

Barbeque Grilling stone

A grilling stone is one of the helpful pizza making accessories. It’s portable, hence suitable for a tailgate party or baking at a park. Most of the BBQ pizza grilling stones are dishwater safe and can be used for any barbeque.

Pizza stone

A pizza stone works better compared to a baking sheet. This is because it evenly distributes heat across the surface making the extra pizza crispy. Pizza stones are available in different colors so choose one that matches your kitchen décor.

A kitchen scale

A kitchen scale is arguably the most important tool among the pizza making accessories. It’s highly recommended to use a kitchen scale when weighing out your ingredient for the dough. Weighing pizza ingredients allows you to efficiently and accurately scale the recipe up or down, based on the pizza quantity.

Digital kitchen scale

Anyone who has made pizza from home will tell you that a digital scale is one of the essential pizza making accessories that you have to use. Without a digital scale, it is hard to get the measurement right. When you use measuring cups to measure the flour, you will find yourself using too much flour or too little flour. This might end up ruining your pizza. A digital scale allows you to measure your pizza dough and bread so as to achieve that consistency.

Pizza dough mixer

It’s okay to use a hand if mixing a small batch of dough. However, a large quantity of dough can be cumbersome to mix with hand, necessitating the use of a dough mixer with a hook attachment.

Dough scrappers

Once you have the pizza dough ready, you will need a dough scraper. In pizza making accessories we have two types of dough scrappers: a metal dough scraper with plastic or wooden handle on top and a flexible poly scrapper with a rounded edge on one side.

The poly scrapper is best for removing sticky pizza dough from a mixing bowl. On the other hand, a metal scraper is substantial in cutting off pieces of dough to the required portion.

Pizza rolling pin

After mixing the dough, you need to shape and roll it to the right thickness. This is where a pizza rolling pin comes in. The rolling pin is made from wood to avoid it sticking with the pizza dough. For a more comfortable use, apply a light layer of flour onto its surface before use.

Laser thermometer

For the perfect pizza, you need to keep your pizza oven temperature in check. A laser thermometer is a pizza making accessory used to know the exact temperature of the oven, from any point.

pizza oven accessories

For wood-fired pizza ovens, you need to have extra pizza making accessories such as ash shovel, brass bristle brush, stone scrubber and cast iron firewood tongs.