Implementing New Systems For Your Restaurant

I am going to talk a little about implementing a new system. This can be challenging for employees who are very comfortable with the old ways of doing things. Everyone knows that change is necessary but nobody wants that change to happen to them or their position in the restaurant.

So, as a leader, you have to approach this particular decision carefully. You will have to keep a few things in mind while you are creating the changes and then implementing the changes.

1. Recognize the problem.

Recognizing the problem is one of the hardest steps. Especially for somebody who has been doing the same way for a very long time. But once you do see that there is a problem don’t let it continue to go on. We are always busy but leaving a known problem will cause you more work and money in the long-run.

2. Creating the solution to eliminate this problem. 

Anybody can point out a problem. The good ones create a solution to the problem that they recognize. Once you recognize a problem in the system or flow of your restaurant. You should begin working on a solution. This does not mean you must have the solution immediately but you should at least be thinking about the problem and how to fix it.

3. Implementing your solution.

Once you have are ready to implement your solution. Then you have to announce this process in a very direct way to everybody at the same time. You should gather your managers first and discuss how you’re going to implement those solutions. Then depending on the size of the solution. You can either let your managers carry out your orders or you can announce them to the staff yourself. Then you should call a meeting with all the employees that will be affected. This way everybody is told of the changes at the same time.

“The biggest mistake I have made with implementing solutions was trying to tell all the employees individually.”

It is natural for you as a business owner to want to fix a problem by telling that individual employee what they are doing wrong and what to do right. But what this does is trap you into a babysitting job. You have to be there 100% of the time to watch over everybody and everything they are doing. For the owners who love telling people to do things all the time, then maybe that method is working just fine.

For everybody else, when you implement your solution. You should implement them through your management team. This way you are only telling 2 or 3 people and then it is their job to install your solution from the top down. This way if an employee does not use your new system that your managers installed. Your managers can recognize it much faster and are able to handle it immediately. So everybody in the restaurant is on the same page without you having to tell everyone individually.

What I have found is that my business is much more profitable and runs much more smoothly when I am working on my business, not working in my business. So I highly recommend that you allow your managers to manage the minor issues that come up throughout the day. Do not confuse that with you not handling the problems or just letting the manager do everything. Your job is to communicate regularly with your managers. This way your managers and you are on the exact same page.

“Then your management team can more effectively handle those kinds of issues on a daily basis without you being bothered constantly.”


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