Best Pizza Peels

Do you fancy preparing a pizza for your family? For the best results, you need the best pizza tools. One of the essential pizza tools is a pizza peel. I will talk about the best pizza peels in this article.

This tool has several uses but helping you place the pizza into and out of the oven is its primary function. To ensure you bake safely, I’m going to tell you about the best pizza peels in 2018.

Here is the list of the best pizza peels as per February 2018.

  1. Exo 2414-AP pizza peel
  2. Heritage acacia wood pizza peel
  3. Kitchen supply 4435 Aluminum Pizza Peel
  4. Cuisinart CPS-445 Grilling Set
  5. Iron Gourmet 28214 pizza spatula

Check out our review of pizza peels here. As you read this review, these are the features you need to consider.

Best pizza peels materials

If you are going to buy any of the above pizza peels, then you need to consider its material it is made of. Typically, the best pizza peels are made of temperature drop materials. They are also very durable. If you love something ecologically friendly, less expensive and with a great look, then go for peels made of wood.

Metal (aluminum and stainless steel) pizza spatula have long in-service life and do not affect the taste of food when they come to contact.

Size and weight

Other factors you need to take into consideration are size and weight of the pizza peel. What is appropriate will be determined by use of the pizza spatula, either as a commercial tool or baking pizza at home.

For home use 12” by 12” or 14” by 14” are recommended. In regards to weight, thicker peels are more heavy to lift so go for light ones.


Most of the pizzas are simple in design. If you are afraid to tear the pizza as you place it into the oven, then consider the best pizza peels with a conveyor belt design.

For efficient storage choose a pizza peel equipped with a hanging opening for hanging or one with a folding handle.

If you have a large family which eats dinner together now and then, buy a pizza peel set to ensure you got everything at once and saves some money.

Exo 2414-AP pizza peel

Exo Polymer Sealed Super Pizza spatula is made in a simple yet versatile design for efficient transfer of pizza. This peculiar peel has linen that works like a conveyor making it easy to use for pizzas with thick toppings and cheese.

The peel has a cloth cover, so it absorbs fewer odors and remains in good condition for a long time.  The Exo 2414-AP cloth is easy to fasten with special clips and also easy to remove. If the cloth wears you can easily find a replacement from the store or online.

Heritage Acacia wood pizza peel

This is another best pizza peel made of wood. Heritage acacia dimension is 14.25” by 4.25” making it suitable for home use.

The size of the peel might not be too long, but it’s long enough for protecting your knuckles from burns. The handle also has an opening to hang it in the kitchen.

Like its name suggest, the peel is made of acacia for optimum durability and strength. By the way, you can use this peel to cut and serve your pizza with no damage.

If you look at its edge, Heritage Acacia wood pizza peel has sharpened edge for chopping even the thinnest pizzas off the pizza stone.

Kitchen supply 4435 Aluminum Pizza Peel

Kitchen supply pizza peels range in size to satisfy all customer needs. If you are looking for commercial or home pizza peel, you are guaranteed to get one that suits. The pizza tool is made of aluminum hence attrition, corrosion, and oxidation resistant.

Its shovel is very thin so you can effortlessly scoop the pizza out of the oven. If to summarize its pros: it’s cheap, has a wooden handle, its thin edge make it efficient to slide under the pizza and has a flexible aluminum paddle for rotating the pizza in the oven.

Cuisinart CPS-445 Grilling Set

Cuisinart CPS-445 Grilling Set is among the best pizza peels 2018 thanks to its superb features.

Its dimension is 9.5” by 10.5” making it ideal for small pizzas.

It has a backstop which prevents pizzas from dropping

The pizza peel has a folding handle for easy storage and is dishwasher safe.

Ironwood Gourmet 28214 pizza spatula

This peel is quite expensive compared to other best pizza peels. So, does the price translate to better quality?

The peel has a hole for hanging on the wall.

-It’s also made from quality wood making it look beautiful.

-its handle has a sturdy base for better grip.

Despite its higher price, Ironwood Gourmet 28214 pizza spatula falls short compared to its cheaper counterpart Heritage Acacia wood pizza peel in regards to unique contrasting patterns and less smooth surface.

Now you have the best pizza peel in 2018. We wish you inspiration and good luck while baking. 

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Using A Pizza Peel

Are you a big fan of homemade pizza? If yes, then you might have encountered one of the primary tools of baking a pizza, a pizza peel.

Using a pizza peel is not difficult. However, there are some unique techniques you need to know about.

Before we go further, it’s good to know that pizza peels range in regards to material and size. How you used your pizza peel might depend on these two factors.

Using a pizza peel [factor #1]

What kind of pizza oven do you plan on using? The kind of pizza oven you are going to be using has a huge effect on what type of pizza paddle you will be using.

Using a pizza peel [factor #2]

How are you going to be baking your pizzas? You need to know this so you know whether to use a wooden pizza peel or a metal pizza peel.

A wooden pizza peel is the best material to place dough onto the pizza stone as it prevents sticking. Some argue that wood pizza peel are more rustic and decorative as a serving board.

Metal pizza peel, on the other hand, is thin and best for retrieving the pizza from the pizza stone.

A composite pizza peel is a better version of wood in regards to looks and efficiency.

Now that you have an idea of which pizza peel will suit you, using a pizza peel properly is our next task.

Pizzeria pizza peel technique

In the pizzeria technique, the pizzaiolo prepares pizza dough on a stainless steel surface.  From there you slide an aluminum pizza peel beneath the dough and onto your pizza stone or oven. If you are baking your pizza on a pizza stone.

If using an aluminum pizza peel, buying a perforated one is preferred. These perforations create less surface area for the dough to stick. If you insist on a solid one, then you need to dust it with cornmeal.

Some like the taste brought by the cornmeal, others don’t. If you are in the category of don’t, try using flour and sugar. The flour is used to limit sticking and the sugar is used to add browning of the crust.

Again, the technique of using a pizza peel will depend on the type of peel you have. Besides the perforations, select an aluminum pizza peel with a long and light handle. This handle should be hollow and in an ergonomic shape for easy grip. Wooden handles are therefore not preferred, they are heavy and warp if too long.

Baker’s pizza peel technique

Another technique of using a pizza peel is using along with parchment paper. The role of parchment paper is to eliminate the possibility of dough sticking with the peel.

using a pizza peel with parchment paper

You can prepare your pizza dough and even bake on the parchment paper (optional). It has been proven that parchment paper affects neither the taste nor the texture of pizza crust.

The direct technique of using a pizza peel

The cheapest and preferable method of using a pizza peel is to prepare the pizza on it directly. Composite wooden pizza spatula or aluminum spatula are preferred.

First, brush the peel cornmeal or flour. As you knead or flatten the dough, keep shifting it to ensure it is not sticking. This is more important if you are preparing a pizza with a thin crust because chances are better that you will put a hole in the dough.

wooden pizza peel

After assembling the toppings, give the pizza a giggle and slide it into the oven.

If you encounter sticking, don’t panic. You can try using a pizza wheel or another pizza peel, preferably wooden or composite to slide underneath the sticking dough.

If you only have one spatula, use a large spatula to gently scrape the dough and introduce some more flour or cornmeal.

If the above two methods are in vain, try and chill the pizza peel. On your baking tray, put some ice and on top place your pizza peel. The aim is to make the dough firm hence less sticky.

If you are a newbie here are some tips to make the process of using pizza peel flawless.

  • Start off small: You might be in a rush to make pizza for the entire family, but still you need to start by baking small pizza (less than 12 inches). A small size pizza is easy to slide onto the pizza stone.
  • Avoid the temptation to overdo toppings: make a small, less thick crust and keep the toppings to the minimum.
  • Don’t let the pizza dough sit too long on the peel: Prolonged contact with your dough and pizza peel will warm the dough and stick.

Benefits of using a pizza peel

A majority of us love pizza. However, the process of baking it should not be hell. A pizza peel keeps your knuckles at a safe distance from the 500-degree oven furnace.

After retrieving your ready pizza from the oven, you can use a pizza peel as slicing and serving board. To avoid denting your pizza cutter use a wooden or composite pizza peel.

Do you now feel like an expert in using a pizza peel? Hope so. Put it into action and remember to share our pizza peel website link with your pizza loving friend or family.











Pizza Rocker Knives

Among other pizza cutters, pizza rocker knives rocks. If you fancy yourself making pizza at home, then you will fall in love with this type of pizza cutter.

I know you are asking lots of why’s, e.g., why not choose pizza wheel cutter or pizza scissors cutter. Keep reading, and I will clearly explain why.

Making a great pizza entails paying a lot of attention to details.  Once you are done baking the pizza, the very last steps are to cut and serve. To cut your pizza into slices, any sharp kitchen object can do the work. However, if you do not want a huge mess with the toppings and cheese, don’t use a kitchen knife. Do it like a pro and use a pizza cutter.

At this stage, you have an option to choose these three types of pizza cutters: rolling pizza cutter, pizza scissors cutter, and Pizza rocker knives.

As a professional pizzaiolo, I can tell you that each of this pizza cutters has its own advantages.

For a pizza cutter wheel, you can cut the pizza into your desired shape pieces.

As per pizza cutter scissors, you can cut your pie into perfect triangles and with some, serve immediately.

Now let’s get to our Pizza rocker knives.

pizza rocking knives

Also known as Mezzaluna, pizza rocker knives are large knives curved into a half moon shape. The blade has a handle on both ends of the blade to protect the cutter’s hand. To cut the pizza, all you do is while your pizza is on the cutting board. Then place it on your pizza and rock it back and forth, from one end of the pizza to the other. This is where it got its name, rocking pizza cutter.

If you are planning to purchase pizza rocker knives, then you can choose from a myriad of these cutters in regards to material, size, and designs of handles. This brings us to what factors you need to keep in mind when purchasing pizza rocker knives.


Pizza rocker knives are made of different material. Some of the materials interact with acidic properties from pizza topping resulting in rust. The best material to choose would be pizza rocker knives made from stainless steel.

Stainless Steel neither rusts nor warps when continually used.

Overall size

In regards to size, you should go with a one that suits your use. If you are making pizza at home, medium to the small size is recommended.

If you are buying the pizza rocker knives for a restaurant then a bigger size would be more efficient.


While pizza rocker knives handles come in different materials, the primary purpose of these handles is the comfort when cutting the pizza. Your pizza cutter handle should, therefore, provide firm and comfortable grip.

If you are more concerned with looks, then check one with handles made from composite material.

Advantages of using Pizza rocker knives


If you want a durable pizza cutter, then you better choose Pizza rocker knives. But make sure that if you are using it in a commercial application then you should consider getting a pizza rocker knife with high-quality materials.

Some pizza rocker knives come with polycarbonate edge polycarbonate protector to keep the blade sharp and safe when stored.

Easy to clean

Unlike other types of pizza cutters, Pizza rocking cutters are simple by design. This means that food particles don’t have places to hide. This also means that it is very easy for the new guy to use.

You can use the blade to cut other things

If you have been practicing, then you can use Pizza rocker knives to cut other materials such as herbs vegetables, fruits, and spices.

The good thing about this is that you can do a much larger pile of whatever your cutting. With the pizza rocker knives, you can cut more than a traditional chefs knife.

Easy to clean

You do not need skills to cut a pizza using Pizza rocker knives. Again, when cutting, one is not required to hold the pizza while you cut. So this makes it safer for use by children.

Limitations of using pizza rocker knives

Safety issues

Pizza rocking cutters have open blades. This makes it not safe to mix with dishwater, and you should be careful when washing the blade. The same level of caution is needed when storing pizza rocking cutters.

If you need to make customized cuts from your pizza, this type of pizza cutter should be off your list.

So why not upgrade to Pizza rocker knives and make pizza cutting with a kitchen knife a thing of the past.  This safety conscious pizza cutter is perfect for at-home chefs and pizza connoisseurs alike.

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Pizza cutter scissors

Most cooks don’t know they can make their kitchen more fun my using better pizza gadgets to solve their culinary problems. This is because the majority of time using these pizza cutter scissors looks unorthodox.

The fact is, some of these kitchenwares are worth buying. For example have you ever considered buying Pizza cutter scissors, a pair of scissors specially designed to cut a pizza?

Bringing in pizza cutting scissors into the picture evoke question like, does it do a better job compared to the traditional pizza cutter? If yes, how much does it cost? Is it safe to use? Etc. To help you better understand pizza cutter scissors here is what you can do with it.

Pizza cutter scissors make pizza cutting easier

The primary importance of any pizza cutter is not just to cut a pizza but to make the process efficient. If you have ever attempted to cut a pizza with an ordinary kitchen knife, then you understand that not all sharp objects can be used to cut a pizza. If you want to avoid messing your up pizza after all the process of cooking it, then you need to be using pizza cutter scissors.

pizza cutting scissors

Also known as pizza shear, pizza cutter scissors will cut your pizza quickly and without making a mess out of the gooey cheese.

They help get perfect triangular pizza slice

One thing that made pizza shears so popular is their ability to cut a pizza into triangular slices. It’s true that a round pizza is not less delicious than a triangular but something familiar especially when it comes to food is better.

To cut a pizza with pizza cutter scissors and get the triangular shapes, lift the edge of your pizza, snip to the center and repeat on the adjacent side of the pie. Some of the pizza shears have a supporting spatula to make scooping easy. You can, therefore, serve the pizza slice immediately after cutting it.

triangular pies by pizza cutting scissors

Cutting and slimming pizza dough

Once you have rolled the pizza dough to the desired thickness, you can use pizza cutter scissors to cut the dough to your desired dimension. This again brings to the issue of shape. Note: a pizza does not have to be circular. You can make it star-shaped or in a heart shape. Perfect dish for Valentines by the way.

If you insist on a circular pie, you can still use pizza cutter scissors to trim off any scraps.

Pizza cutter scissors won’t deface your cutting board

Some of us invest in an expensive cutting board. Compared to other pizza cutters, i.e., pizza cutter wheel and pizza cutter rocker, pizza cutter scissors do not leave dents on your pizza cutting board or pizza pan.

Since this type of pizza cutter does not roll on these surfaces, it means it won’t get dull or get scratches itself. By having pizza shears it means no need to sharpen your pizza cutter.

You can use pizza cutter scissors on hot pizza

Pizza cutter scissors do not just have good ergonomics but can be used to cut hot pizzas. For example German stainless steel pizza cutter, in case you ever need it to be, has heat resistant of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pizza cutter scissors is cleaning is efficient

Pizza cutter scissors edge traditional rollers because of its ability to disregard the cutting or baking surface of the pizza. This pizza shear is not only the least expensive pizza cuter, but most customers like it because of its dishwater safe to boot.

Pizza Mezzaluna and pizza cutter wheels have exposed sharp blades meaning they need to clean separate from other dishes.

You can use pizza cutter scissors to cut lots of other things

Well, who doesn’t like a kitchen gadget which has more than 14 uses? Invest in a dedicated pair of pizza cutter scissors and be on the road to discover endless ways to use them.

Just to mention but a few uses of pizza shears: cutting bacon, breaking down poultry, slicing herbs, cleaning shrimp, preparing greens, chopping canned tomatoes, making a salad, chopping dried fruit, removing crust from bread, etc.

Does pizza cutter scissors, therefore, make the best pizza cutter for you?

Just like picking out other pizza tools, whether this pizza cuter suits you depend on what you are looking for. For example, in regards to price, pizza rolling cutter tend to be lower in price than its counterparts. For durability and ease of cleaning, rocking pizza cutter come top. However, if you need something out of ordinary, safe to clean and has multiple functionalities then pizza cutter scissors are for you.

Wood vs Metal Pizza Peel

A photo of 2 pizza peels

Pizza Peel Wood vs Metal Pros and Cons

I have used both the Wood Pizza Peels and the Metal Pizza Peels in the restaurant industry for the last 30 years.

In this article, we will be talking about Pizza Peels – Wood vs Metal.

Wood Pizza Paddles Pros :

  • [The wood pizza paddle absorbs the oils much better.] This allows you to serve your pizza without all of the grease and oils on the bottom of it.
  • [The wood pizza paddle is a much better-looking pizza utensil.] When you have an open kitchen style like we do. You need to think about how pleasing your kitchen looks. This includes all of your kitchen utensils.
  • [The wood pizza peel is much easier to grip.] With the wide handle that the wood pizza peel has it is much easier to hold than the round handled pizza peels.
  • [No pizza screen needed for a wooden peel] With wooden pizza peels, you generally lay the pizza dough directly on the peel. This eliminates the need for pizza screens.

wooden pizza peel

Wood Pizza Peel Cons :

  • [Wooden pizza peels are very heavy.] This will affect the stamina of the oven man. If he is wielding a large heavy wood pizza paddles all night. He is more likely to fatigue at a faster pace than if he had a lighter metal pizza paddle.
  • [Wooden pizza peels are more expensive than metal pizza peels.] Take into consideration that you might not go through as many wooden pizza paddles throughout the year. So it might be worth looking deeper into this metric.
  • [Wooden pizza peels are very thick.] This makes them hard to use with some types of pizza ovens and pizza cooking methods. Make sure to take into consideration how you are cooking your pizzas.
  • [Removing a pizza from the oven is harder with a wooden paddle] The head of the wooden peel is very thick so it is hard to get the wooden paddle underneath a cooked pizza.

metal pizaa spatula


Pizza Peel Wood vs Metal Pros and Cons

Metal Pizza Peel Pros :

  • [The metal pizza peels are much lighter than wood pizza peels.] Metal pizza paddles are actually made of aluminum. This makes them very light which will make the oven guy happier.
  • [Metal pizza paddles are generally much thinner.] A thinner metal pizza peel means the oven man can slide the pizza peel under the pizza much easier than a wooden pizza paddle.
  • [Metal pizza peels are much cheaper than a wooden pizza peel.] This is strictly a cost factor, but an important factor anyway. This should not be the main factor but it does deserve consideration.
  • [The metal peels come in a lot of different lengths and head sizes] There are just more options when it comes to pizza paddle when you are looking for a metal peel.


Metal Pizza Peel Cons :

  • [Metal pizza peels do not soak up the oils and grease.] This means that when you place your pizza on top of the metal pizza peel. All of that grease gets on the bottom of the pizza and makes it greasy.
  • [Metal pizza peels bend and break easier than wooden pizza peels.] Because metal pizza peels are thinner and lighter. They are also weaker and easier to break.
  • [These pizza peels are very slippery] It gets pretty difficult to grip these pizza paddles with aluminum handles. As you can imagine the handle will not soak anything up.
  • [The handles on these peels feel very thin] The handles are thin and slippery so the peel never really feels secure in my hands. For this reason alone I don’t like the all aluminum pizza peel.

A photo of a pizza peel

The peel we use is a hybrid of both peels.

Editors choice – In our restaurant, we use this hybrid pizza peel. As you can see it has an aluminum head and a wooden handle

Hybrid Pizza Peel Pros:

  • [It’s much lighter than the wooden pizza peel] Even though this paddle is a little heavier than an all-metal peel it is much lighter than a wooden peel
  • [The handle allows you to keep your grip in all conditions] The handle is wooden on this peel, it is very absorbent and soaks up all the greases. This way your pizza man keeps a good grip at all times.
  • [There are a lot of different options for this peel] This pizza peel comes in a lot of different sizes. You can get the aluminum head wide or slim and you can get the wood handle very long or very short.
  • [The hybrid peel is very inexpensive] The hybrid pizza peel is actually very inexpensive compared to the wooden peels out there. Even the all-aluminum peels tend to be a little more expensive than these paddles.
  • [Easy cleanup] The cleanup on this is very easy. We just bring it to the dish room and scrub it with soap and water, rinse and you’re done.  Give it a few good spins just to make sure its dry.

Hybrid Pizza Peel Cons:

  • [Metal pizza peels need to be filed down to work with some ovens.] You have to manually file down the edges of a metal pizza peel for it to work with pizzas on top of pizza screens.
  • [There are too many options] Sometimes it’s possible to have too many options and this is one of them. There are so many different sizes, lengths, and thickness. You need to do your homework so you don’t waste your money.

Pizza Peel Wood vs Metal Pros and Cons

Remember these are just Pros and Cons of the pizza paddles wood vs metal. All of the information above is to be taken into consideration along with all of the other variables that come with different restaurants.

When choosing Wood vs Metal pizza paddles. You must take into consideration things like Type of oven to be used, the method of pizza cooking, budget, and your experiences that you have had over the years.

Also, remember that there are a lot of different choices pizza paddles wood vs metal. I can think of 4-5 different metal pizza peels I have used over my course of making pizza. I have also used 2-3 wooden pizza peels over that time.

So if wooden pizza peels fit your restaurant but you did not like the first wooden pizza peel you bought. I would recommend trying at least 1 more different type of wooden pizza peel before giving up on the wood pizza paddles for good.

The same goes for metal pizza peels. There are a lot of different types of metal pizza peels. So do not give up before trying a different variation of the metal pizza paddle before throwing in the towel.

I hope this helped you in your quest for the perfect pizza peel. You can always check out my Pizza paddle Review page other blog posts that I have posted. Thanks and good luck!


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Pizza Cutting Knife

How do you cut and enjoy your pizza at home? To those who have ever tried using a kitchen knife, they can attest to the process was uncomfortable and the result not impressive. It’s therefore imperative to use the right pizza tool to cut your pizza into equal slices. A pizza cutting knife is the best tool to do so

. The pizza cutting knife has a straightforward task, and that is to cut a full pizza into smaller, consumable pieces.

Did you know the old pizza cutting knife did not start as a tool for cutting smaller pieces of pizza? The modern-day pizza knife was based off a cleaver meant for cutting herb. The original pizza cutting knife was called a half-moon knife or Mezzaluna, invented back in 1708by Silvio Pautti. The pizza knife has now evolved into a larger version of pastry wheel.

Types of pizza cutters

While there is a single purpose of pizza cutting knife , there is a myriad of pizza cutters out on the market. The most popular is the pizza cutting wheel. It’s upon the pizzaiolo to choose one that best fit his/her needs.

Pizza scissors

Pizza scissors are the least common type of pizza cutters. The pizza tool works like standard scissors but has a base that serves the process of cutting. The good thing about this tool it that it’s the most affordable version of pizza cutters compared to its industrial cousin.

pizza scissors

Pizza wheel

A pizza wheel is the most common type of pizza cutter on the market. Its ease of use, plus an ergonomic handle are some of the reasons why you will find the pizza tool in any pizza parlor or home that bakes pizza.

pizza wheel

Epicurean pizza cutting knife

This is the oldest version of a pizza cutter. While its popularity has reduced, the pizza cutting knife works very well for smaller, thicker pizzas. The blade is curved with handles on both ends. The design makes it easier to rock the blade back and forth, cutting the pizza into slices. Other types of pizza cutting knife are the hack and cut type, similar a chopping knife.

pizza mezzaluna

So why is this pizza cutting knife not the favorite with pizza bakers? One, the pizza cutter require some skills to handle. It also calls for strength to cut hence not convenient when cutting many pizzas. However, if you want a pizza cutting knife that doubles as a tool for chopping vegetables and the like, it’s the best options.

Buying a pizza cutting knife

The design of the pizza cutter comes top among the factors you need to consider when purchasing a pizza cutting knife. This is because the design will give you an idea of how you will be operating it and if it will meet your pizza cutting needs.

The durability of the pizza cutting knife is also essential. For your pizza cutter of choice to last long, it needs to be made from a durable and rust resistant material.

As you aim to get the best pizza cutting knife, you should still mind the budget. Shopping around is the best way to get a quality pizza cutting knife and at the best price.

Your choice of pizza cutting knife should be sharp enough to work through the pizza effortlessly. Instead of sharpening the pizza knife at home, how about buying one that is already sharp?

Choose your pizza cutting knife material wisely. Some of the materials rust, which is not safe for food. Stainless steel is known to be robust, durable and stays sharp for long.

For safety issues, the cutter should be designed to keep your fingers safe. A handle with a good grip will ensure your hand does not slip onto the sharp blade.

How to take care of a pizza cutting knife

Buying and using a pizza cutting knife is one thing, but maintenance is different. How well you take care the pizza cutter will determine how long it will serve. Majority of pizza knives can be washed in dishwater. However, experts recommend hand washing to ensure the cutter is thoroughly cleaned. Whichever way you choose to clean the blade it is of fundamental importance that there is no oil, grease or food left behind. Storing a well-cleaned pizza knife is a breeze.

Now, you have the necessary information to purchase a pizza cutting knife successfully. If buying from an online shop, take advantage of the product reviews to get a feel of how the pizza cutter will perform.

Pizza knife

A pizza is one of the most comforting and fun delicacies to share with friends and family. Therefore, it’s not a surprise why many households have their homemade pizza recipes. While baking the pizza is one part of enjoying the meal, cutting it into pieces is another. If you are hooked on this food, then you need to invest in the best pizza knife.

So, what is a pizza knife? By definition, this is a pizza making tool that allows you to cut the pizza in the cleanest and mess-free manner. With this device, you can make equal and precise cuts to your pizza. Like any other tool, a pizza knife comes in different types. Some of these pizza knives are not worth investing upon as they lack enough sharpness to make thin and clean cuts. Their ease of use also differ. For such reasons, shopping for a pizza knife can be daunting. Don’t fret though as this article got you covered.

Will a pizza knife benefit you?

We all love pizza, and as long as the delicacy exist, we would rush to get a slice. However, when it comes to baking it, most people don’t do it right. However, for someone willing to do the labor, then a pizza knife is a smart investment. A pizza knife does not have a lengthy profile. The only thing you are assured is that it can make your pizza preparation and consumption a lot easy.

A pizza knife saves you from the mess

You will not come across a professional pizzaiolo using an ordinary kitchen knife to slice off their pizzas. Doing so is somewhat absurd, regardless of how you look at it. A professional kitchen knife might be sharp enough to cut through things, but it does not suit a pizza.

One of the reason is that pizzas have a sticky texture emanating from layers of sauce and condiments. Two, a kitchen knife is not ergonomically designed to cut through such a surface. If you try, the motion of the kitchen knife will cause a lot of mess ruining the toppings in the process. Such a pizza is less desirable to eat.

On the other hand, a pizza knife won’t suffer from such issues. A standard pizza knife can make precise and continuous slices, thanks to the blade mobility.

A pizza knife is very convenient

Using a pizza knife is a lot more convenient than using an ordinary kitchen knife. If you love making pizzas, a pizza knife will improve not only the cutting speed but also the cleanliness of your preparation. You don’t have to struggle to make precise and equal pizza slices anymore.

A pizza knife saves you money. Some people can make great pizzas, but they lack the tools to make the delicacy presentable and restaurant worthy. A messed pizza discourages them, and in turn, they opt to go pizza parlor to savor their best dish. The taste and satisfaction might be worth every penny, but you would save more if you create your pizza at home. If you have the right pizza making tools, i.e., pizza knife, you won’t have to dress up or keep rushing to the ATM. They are unnecessary hassles.

Tips for choosing a pizza knife

Are you looking to purchase a pizza knife that satisfies your growing pizza appetite? Then pay attention to these details.


The build of a pizza knife is imperative in the selection process. The right material should be able to withstand rust and corrosion. Ideally, stainless steel comes top as it can resist those external detriments. For the pizza knife handle, wood or specialized plastic is the way to go. The handle should offer convenience and stability on handling. It’s also essential that the handle coating should be non-slip to prevent unwanted slides and accidents.


A pizza knife could be dangerous if it does not provide the right amount of protection. If you have kids in your house, the pizza knife should have a blade guard to prevent direct contact when not in use. If possible, the pizza knife of choice should have a finger guard to protect your hands in case of they accidentally slip onto the blade.


A pizza knife should be sharp. If a specific pizza knife comes with a dull blade, move to others as choosing such a knife will need more effort when slicing the pizza. Note that not all pizza knives have enough sharpness. Some have rough edges, presenting a risk of destroying the toppings of your pizza. For anyone who is meticulous about the appearance of the pizza, that is terrible news.

There are many pizza knives on the market. That could be a good thing or bad thing depending on how you look at it. If you know what you are looking for, buying a pizza knife should not be a head-scratching experience.

Whichever pizza knife you choose, ensure is possess both ergonomics and reliability necessary for this kind of pizza tools.

Wooden pizza paddle

There are several techniques for using a pizza paddle. Should you use a wooden pizza paddle to build your dough and set it in the oven, or should you use a flat surface and use a metal pizza paddle to place it in your oven?

wooden pizza paddle

There are three schools of thought. How about giving each a try and settling for the one that works best for you.

As per professional pizzaiolo, building a dough on the paddle is uncommon. Most opt to prepare the dough on a cool counter then slide a pizza paddle under to set it in the oven. All traditional pizza paddles were made of wood. While the wooden pizza paddle served the purpose, it was less convenient regarding weight and flipping the pizza when in the oven.

An aluminum pizza paddle is light, especially the perforated ones, easy to scoop the dough and is slippery enough to let the dough slip off. Also, paddles of restaurants caliber are long-handled to allow working on multiple pizza baking at the same time in the oven.

Wooden pizza paddle

Most home bakers assemble the pizza dough on a wooden pizza paddle and then slide it onto the metal peel to set it in the oven. The technique doesn’t work well with professionals, but for beginners, it minimizes the chances of ruining the pizza when the raw dough gets stuck on the kitchen counter.

If organizing a party, keep several small wooden pizza paddles to involve guest in the baking and a few pizza cutters as well so they can help. Kids find baking fun too.

The third option is to use a long-handled wooden pizza paddle to one, make the pizza dough and two, slide it into the oven. This technique eliminates the risk of messing up with the toppings or dropping the dough.

However, the long handle means more space which gets it challenging to move around the kitchen if it’s crowded with kids or guests. But, if you are baking a family pizza for dinner, then it the most convenient, low-stress technique.

Why you need to have both metal and wooden pizza paddle.

Regardless of how you choose to place your pizza in the oven, you will still need a metal peel for turning and retrieving the pizza. This process is less efficient to do with a wooden peel due to its thickness.

A round metal peel makes the job even more comfortable, but you can still choose a rectangular pizza spatula if baking one pizza at a time. Use the wooden pizza paddle for placing the dough into the oven as the two are less likely to stick. The wooden peel can also act as the pizza serving board. This helps you by not making you buy extra equipment.

Maintaining both pizza paddles

A metal and wooden peel have different maintenance levels. The wooden pizza paddle must not be mixed with dishwater and need to be completely dried to prevent warping. Wood also tend to absorb fluids from pizza toppings so pay attention when washing to avoid contamination when you prepare the next pizza.

As per the metal pizza peel, cleaning and storage are easy. It will also outlive the wood pizza peel. Some people prefer to use it alone. This is made possible by incorporation of a parchment paper to ease placing of dough into the oven.

Choosing the right length of pizza paddle

The default role of a paddle is to keep the baker hand safe from the furnace. Therefore, it’s imperative to choose the right length of peel paddle. To do this right, know the size of your oven and add some allowance inches from the door. A too long handle makes flipping the pizza a daunting task while a short handle puts your knuckles at risk.

pizza paddle, long handle

To make the issue of length less tedious how about purchasing a paddle with a slide that moves up and down the handle or better, one with a handle you can fold. Such a feature not only makes flipping the pizza efficient but minimize the kitchen storage consumed by the pizza paddle.

Note that making a great pizza does not start and end with a pizza paddle. You also need to invest in other quality pizza making tools. Do that, and prepare to deal with friends and family members stopping by at your house just to get a piece of your home baked pizza.

Wooden pizza peel

Some say, there is no better feeling of having a warm piece of pizza in your hand and fast internet after a long-tiresome day. A pizza, just like a slow internet, can spoil such moments if it’s not warm enough or lacks the crispiness. Warming it on a blazing-hot surface is the only trick. The result is a crisped, well-charred pizza.

However, the process presents a hazard. To ensure that you are only placing your pizza on the pizza stone and not your hand, it’s imperative that you use a pizza peel. Furthermore, no pizza is good enough if it means burning your hand.

Pizza peel comes in varieties. The main categories are metal pizza peel and wooden pizza peel. In this article, we shall narrow down to the wooden pizza peel. Some of the question we shall address include: why should I choose a wooden pizza peel? , how to take care of a wooden pizza peel and which are the limitation of using a wooden pizza peel?

Why a wooden pizza peel is a good choice

Wood material prevents sticking of raw pizza dough on the surface. This character not only save you the trouble when putting the dough in the oven but also it avoids wastage of dough. For that reason, a wooden pizza peel has found its way into the kitchen of both professional and home pizzaiolo.

Wood is a bad conductor of heat. Unlike metal pizza peel, a wooden pizza peel takes longer to conduct heat from the pizza stone and intensely heated oven. Therefore, you can blissfully enjoy the cooking process without having to worry about sustaining burns.

A wooden pizza peel is attractive. The wood material makes it rustic and decorative for the kitchen hence you don’t have to worry about where to hide it after use. You can also use the wooden pizza peel as your serving board thus saving time and money used to purchase a supplementary serving board.

Wood pizza peels are cheapest. Compared to a metal pizza peel, a wood pizza peel is by far the least expensive. You can get a beautiful pizza peel from as low as $7.

How to maintain a wooden pizza peel

Oil the pizza peel before use. This will ensure that the wood does not dry out and crack in the long term. Food grade mineral oil is the most recommended. Using olive oil or other vegetable oil will leave a sticky residue on the pizza peel surface.

However, some pizza cooks opt to go the peel in its natural state as it makes the dough slide more easily. If you start experiencing trouble with the flow of the dough, you can choose to stop oiling or better, oil the wooden pizza peel occasionally.

To clean a wooden pizza peel, use a sponge and soapy water. Do not place the pizza peel in a dishwasher. If there is any cheese or sauce stuck, use a nylon scrub pad and then wipe. White vinegar will make the process easier plus it acts as a great disinfectant too.

Thoroughly air dry the wooden pizza peel after washing. To ensure it’s scorched, place the pizza peel in a dish drainer for hours. This is to ensure that the peel does not absorb moisture and render it warped.

When cooking, do not let the dough sit too long of the wooden pizza peel. Prolonged contact becomes warm and sticks on the peel. In case this happens, use a squeeze bottle to blow air below the dough. Your mouth might work, but for hygienic reasons, it is not advised.

Pay attention to burning marks. Wood might be a bad conductor of heat, but it burns quickly. When using a wooden pizza peel, you need to remain conscious through the pizza cooking. Do not beat yourself with this as using a wood peel especially on a grill will burn eventually and obtain burning marks.

Limitations in wooden pizza peel

Like any other great products, a wooden pizza peel has its disadvantages. First, wooden pizza peels are thick. Thick peels mean difficulty in storage and rotating when cooking necessitating the use of a smaller spatula or tongs just to slip the pizza on to the peel. Also, compared to metal peels, a wooden pizza peel needs high maintenance.

Based on the pros and cons of using a wooden pizza peel, most professional recommend having two peel: a wooden for placing the dough and a metal one to cook and retrieve the pizza from the oven.

Wooden pizza peel amazon

Choosing the right ingredient is crucial to making a great pizza. A well- crafted pizza stone will determine how crispy your pizza will be. When talking about essential pizza making tools, we cannot forget the means that help to get the pizza in and out of the oven.

Every experienced pizzaiolo will agree that not only do you stand baking a poor pizza but also your expose yourself to the furnace if you use the wrong tool to place and retrieve a pizza from an oven.

Originally, pizza peel was used to bake other things like bread and pastries. Somewhere along that need to figure out how to get delicious foods in and out of flaming hot oven, the wooden pizza peel was born.

Centuries has since past, and the pizza spatula has become diverse in regards to material and design. Wood, however, continue to be impressive to pizza bakers. This is because it does not stick with dough when placing it on a pizza stone. You can opt to get the peel from a local store or wooden pizza peel amazon.

Why choose wooden pizza peel amazon


Thanks to the internet, one can now purchase a wooden pizza peel from the online marketplace such as Amazon. Some people argue that shopping for a pizza peel is better done in a local store as one can interact with several wooden pizza peels before making the final decision.

While that is true, moving around a huge store is a time and energy consuming activity. If you are a busy person and would love to bake pizza for your family on weekends, you can place a wooden pizza peel amazon order on while in your car, office or from vacation and when you get home, the peel will be waiting, ready for action.

If you are sick or disabled, you can order wooden pizza peel amazon using a laptop or smartphone right from your bed. How about using the platform to buy a wooden pizza peel and have it delivered to your parents as a gift?

Amazon operates on a 24/7 basis. If the idea of wooden pizza peel amazon hits you in the middle of the night, you are free to place an order and have the peel shipped within two days.


Online shops have a platform for customers to give feedback on how they find the product. When buying wooden pizza peel amazon, you can read tens of review about specific product giving you an idea of what to expect. Most of the time, people thank the reviews saying it helped them not make a bad purchase.

Price comparison

There is a variety of wooden pizza peel amazon. Each of these peels has a price tag on it. To help purchase within your budget, you can filter the wooden pizza peel by price range preventing impulse buying. Amazon also has a section for items re-sold by consumers. You can get a wooden pizza peel amazon at a lower price than in retail stores.

How to take care of wooden pizza peel amazon

After making a successful wooden pizza amazon purchase, the next big thing is to use the tool right and maintain its condition for optimal service. Seasoning your wooden pizza peel is one way to take care of a wooden paddle. The term “seasoning” may be misleading to inexperienced pizzaiolo because it does not involve the use of any spices. Professional seasoning of the wooden pizza peel amazon requires the use of cornmeal and food-grade mineral oil.

Start by applying a thin layer of food-grade mineral oil on the side that will face the pizza. The food-grade mineral oil protects the wood making the pizza peel amazon to last longer. Then sprinkle flour on the same face of the peel to absorb moisture and ensure the pizza dough slide off easily.

Do not leave your wooden pizza peel amazon in the oven or exposed to prolonged heat. Wood cannot tolerate high temperature. Otherwise, the pizza spatula will sustain burn spots and get distorted. After utilizing the pizza peel amazon, immediately wash it with hot clean water (no dishwater) then dry it thoroughly as moisture will damage and warp the wood.

There is a wide range of wooden pizza peel amazon designed with durability, safety, and sustainability in mind. All you need is take time and select the right one. If successfully done, then you are one step closer making a delicious pizza.

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Pizza tools

Ever made a pizza order, wait for hours only to get a soggy one? You will not go through such ordeals again if you start making your pizza. It just takes 25 minutes to make a fresh hot and crispy pizza. The process is more straightforward than most people expectation especially if you have the right pizza tools. The truth is, you do not need defined equipment as long as you in possession of a hot oven and a good imagination of what to top the pizza. However, if you plan to make pizza baking a hobby, it’s wise to invest in some pizza tools to both ease the process and make delicious pizzas.

Pizza tools needed if you bought pizza dough

  • Pizza Oven  – A gas or electric oven that has a capacity of heating up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Sheet pan – Every cook has a sheet pan whether they make pizza or not. You can use the sheet pan to bake pizza and when turned upside down, use it as a pizza peel. The sheet pan should be sturdy enough to cook pizza at very high temperatures.
  • Rimless cookie sheet – The tool can be used to cook a pizza or as a pizza peel.

Pizza tools when making the pizza dough

Instant Thermometer

If making your dough, it’s essential to measure the temperature of the water which will be used to proof yeast. This is the same thermometer used to check the doneness of poultry and meat. The right temperature provides an optimal condition for the yeast to grow.

Food processor

To make a silky, elastic yeast dough, you almost certainly need a food processor. Alternatively, you can use a stand mixer with a dough hook.

Rolling pin

Pizza dough is elastic and can stretch into pizza shape using hands. Home-made dough, especially for beginners, is less durable and can tear. The process of making raw dough is time and energy consuming. A rolling pin is essential to get the dough into the right shape and thickness for baking.

Special pizza tools

These are tools only apply to making a pizza. They are not suitable for any other function in the kitchen.

Pizza Peel

A pizza peel is a long-handled pizza tool used to transfer and retrieve pizza in a hot oven. Regarding pizza peel material there is metal, wood, and composite pizza paddle. Metal pizza spatulas are further categorized into aluminum and stainless steel (perforated or not). Each of these types of pizza spatula has its pros and cons. For example, a wooden spatula is best to place the pizza dough in the oven as it’s less sticky with the dough compared to metal. When it comes to flipping and retrieving, a metal pizza spatula has the edge over wood with its thinness, facilitating easier scooping.

wooden pizza peel

Pizza screen

A pizza screen is a rimmed metal mesh, circular in shape, on which dough is placed and cooked directly in the oven. They look fragile but perform better than pizza stones. In fact, using this pizza tool eliminates the need for a pizza peel to transfer pizza in and out of the hot oven. The meshed bottom allows the pizza to cook by radiation as opposed to conductive heat with a pizza stone. The pizza tool is not vulnerable to breakage or cracking. They even cost less, about $6 for a 14-16 inches screen.

Pizza trays

This pizza tool is a thin and light-weight a metal used to serve and transfer ready pizza. The pizza trays are available in a range of sizes 9-20 inches in diameter. They are never to be used in the oven but can handle a hot pizza directly from the pizza stone. The small pizza strays cost approximately $4 while the large size goes for about $10.

pizza trays

Pizza wheel

This pizza tool is a round-wheeled knife used to slice either dough or cooked pizza. A pizza wheel can be used to slice other flat food such as fresh pasta, fruit tarts, and cookie bars. You can choose to serve the food with your baked pizza or not. A pizza wheel cost about $20.

Pizza stone

For crispiness reasons, this pizza tool is yet to be replaced. Most of the pizza stone measure 13 inches costing $30. When cooking a pizza, the round stone is placed in the oven and heated to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Maintenance of the pizza stone is easy. Only wash with hot water (not detergent as the stone is absorbent).

There are many online shops and local stores selling pizza tools. Check the ones with best prices and knowledgeable staff to help with selection.

Pizza making tools

Some years back, a pizza was synonymous with takeaway and delivery. Still stuck in that era? Well, anyone can now make a pizza at home, thanks to pizza making tools. It could be for your home date or when friends and family meet in the backyard to celebrate an occasion. If you are new to pizza making, the chances are that you won’t find a single pizza making tool in your kitchen. The reason is, unlike a majority of other cutlery, pizza making tools are uni-taskers begging for specialty tools.

There are dozens and dozens of pizza making tools and gadget to choose. However, some are more important than other. To help you replicate some of the great pizza recipes, here are the pizza making tools that you need to add to your kitchen kit.

A kitchen scale

Every pizza specialist will agree that a kitchen scale is an essential tool for home pizza making. Forget the measuring cups and spoons; they are not accurate enough to make a consistent dough. The kitchen scale, which most are now digital, is used to weigh all ingredients to make a pizza dough. The raw dough has symbiotic cultures of lactic bacteria and yeast. For the right rate of fermentation occurs, the ingredients must measure precisely as per instructions in the recipe.

A pizza peel

A pizza peel or pizza spatula is another primary pizza making tool. Its role is to launch, flip and retrieve the pizza while keeping the baker knuckles at a safe distance from the oven. For beginners its better to have two pizza peel, one made from wood and the other metal. The wood peel will be used to launch the raw dough into the oven, and the metal one used to retrieve the fully baked pizza. Raw dough is less likely to stick to wood peel while metal peel is thin enough for efficient pizza retrieval. If having both spatulas exceed your budget, then you can buy a metal spatula and use a parchment paper when launching the dough.

A pizza wheel

Try portioning a pizza with a knife, and you will end up dragging cheese and toppings all over the place. To avoid the mess, try using pizza cutters. The non-traditional options are some funky looking scissors or elongated mezzalunas, which will consume all your kitchen storage. However, none of these pizza making tools works better than a classic pizza wheel, e.g., Tolovo’s 2-in-1 with interchangeable blades and dishwasher safe.

pizza wheel cutter

A baking steel griddle

Traditionally, people used a particular stone to bake their pizza. The stone has since become replaced by a baking steel which has higher conductivity and better volumetric heat capacity. Now a pizzaiolo can get a crisper crust and deeper char on the pizza using the same baking temperature as before. A baking steel also lasts a lifetime, or longer, compared to pizza stone which needs an average of one replacement per year for heavy bakers. You can even make pizza for dinner and in the morning use the steel treat your family with bacon and pancakes.

A dough mixer

If making a small batch of dough, then mixing with hands is better as it allows one to have a tactile sense of how the dough is changing. However, mixing a large dough with hands is cumbersome calling for the use of a dough mixer. The pizza making tool should have a dough hook and a right horsepower to make mixing even faster.

A dough scraper

Once the dough is thoroughly mixed, now it’s time to portion out into pizza size. This is where this pizza making tool comes in. There are two types of dough scrapers: a metal scraper and a flexible poly scraper. The poly scraper is used to remove sticky pizza dough off the mixing bowl while the metal used to scrap off random dough stuck on the kitchen counter as well splitting the big ball of dough into several pizza-sized portions. The pizza making tool is also handy for picking up chopped garlic or herbs and transferring them into a pot on the stove.

To dress the pizza, you will need a squeeze bottle for oil, and a ladle for the sauce. You don’t have to purchase the bottle and ladle if you already have them in your kitchen kit. Also, get yourself a lovely Apron to protect your clothes from the dough and stains from the pizza toppings. From there, get the recipes and let curiosity help you make your favorite pizzas right in your home kitchen.

Pizza paddle Amazon

A pizza paddle is a primary pizza making tool. You can either purchase it from a local store or online market. Most people agree that carrying things from a store is a thing of the past. How about getting your favorite drink, sit on your home couch and purchase a pizza paddle Amazon?

Shopping online has fewer hassles plus it saves you money for buying shopping bags. So, what is stopping you? Here are tips to make the experience smooth and satisfactory.

Check pizza paddle Amazon reviews

You head to the local store, see an attractive pizza peel but then realize no one is there to give a genuine review if it’s worth your money. Buying a pizza paddle amazons exposes you to hundreds of authentic reviews from previous buyers. The reviews provide a feeling of what to expect with the pizza peels and pizza cutters.

Compare prices and quality of pizza paddle Amazon

This is one of the leading reason why a lot of people prefer shopping online. You get to learn a lot as you move from one pizza paddle to another. Do this on a local store, and you will need to part with money for massage due to back and leg pains. With Amazon, one hour is enough to learn all kinds of pizza spatulas it offers, their quality and prices. With such precious information, one can confidently settle for the best paddle that matches the budget.

Know your paddle need in prior

It’s true that a pizza paddle use is to put a pizza in and out of the oven. However, you cannot purchase a pizza paddle randomly due to the difference in size of oven and pizza size. If your pizza peel is for commercial use, then you need a pizza spatula that matches restaurant pizza ovens criteria.


Home use ovens have a single and small doorway. The length of pizza paddle amazon should reach the furthest end and give allowance between the baker and the furnace. The size of the pizza paddle blade should be small enough to fit through the door of the oven.

There is a plethora of pizza paddle Amazon. The major categories are the metal and wood peels. Each of the material has its advantages as well as limits.

For example, if you purchase a wooden pizza paddle alone, then you will enjoy smooth sliding of the pizza dough into the oven but have problems and retrieving the pizza.

Metal peels, on the other hand, are efficient in getting the pizza out but sloppy in putting the dough in.

paddle patchement paper

To eliminate such problem which risks spoiling your pizza, you can either choose to purchase both wooden and metal pizza paddle Amazon or buy a metal peel plus parchment paper to enable efficient sliding of raw pizza dough onto the cooking grates.

Check the paddle delivery fee

Where there is no free shipping, the delivery fee is given once you add the pizza paddle to your purchase cart. Pizza peels vary in delivery fee. Therefore, as you navigate through the prices, it’s imperative to check the fee and see the total cost. Otherwise, you might be lured by the displayed pizza paddle price and incur a more significant delivery fee compared to buying other peels.

Check the pizza paddle after delivery

Amazon is one of the credible online shops in the world. However, mistakes happen, and the delivered peel is different from the orders, or it does not meet standards. Taking the pizza paddle Amazon for a test is the only way to ensure you don’t end up with a lousy product after return period expires.

Remember to use your discount vouchers on Amazon. You can also use this platform to buy a pizza paddle or some pizza accessories from Amazon as a gift for a friend or family member. Otherwise, have fun with your online pizza spatula purchase. Always cook safely.

Pizza paddle

It’s every baker wish to make an irresistible, crispy and tasty pizza. To make that happen one need to have some means of putting the pizza into the hot oven or pizza stone without getting burnt. It is at this juncture where a pizza paddle comes into play.

There are many types and qualities of pizza paddle making the process of picking the right one a daunting task. In this post, you will get a quick guide, tips and get to know the type of pizzas available. Let’s get started.

What is a pizza paddle?

There are dozens and dozens of kitchen utensils. Each of these serves a different purpose. When it comes to making a pizza, you will need a pizza paddle to transfer the dough into and out of the oven. This flat board is equipped with a handle to enable the baker safely put and retrieve the pizza out of the oven.

Pizza paddles can be made from metal, composite wood or solid wood. For the pizza paddle to work it should:

  • Have a long handle for protection.
  • Have a square or round head/blade to place and slide the dough easily
  • The head should be small enough to fit in and out of the oven without destroying the pizza.

Tips in choosing the right pizza paddle

Choosing the right pizza recipe for your skills plus adequate planning is the trick to making an exceptional pizza. Having the proper pizza tools is vital to accomplishing the task smoothly. Therefore, your choice of pizza needs to be well calculated. Here are some points to keep in mind when purchasing a pizza paddle.

Pizza paddle features

A pizza paddle can be anything that has a blade and a handle to facilitate picking a pizza in and out an oven or a grill. However, these pizza paddles are not similar. Some will suit you better than other. When choosing a pizza paddle, you need to consider these features: blade type, shape, materials used and ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Shape – there is round, rectangular and square blades. Round pizza paddles work best for commercial use where there is baking of many pizzas at a go while the other two can be used for home-baked pizzas.

Construction Material- Wood pizza paddles are best in putting the pizza into the oven as they are less likely to stick with the dough. Metal pizza paddle has a thin blade hence better in retrieving and flipping the pizza.

composite pizza paddle

Composite pizza paddle is simple to maintain, thinner than wooden paddled, but still thicker than metal. Composite peel handles, however, are shorter than other two types of pizza paddles and could cause injury.

Handle length – different ovens need different lengths of pizza paddles handles. To know which size suits your oven, measure the distance from the door to the end. Then add some inches to give allowance from the oven entrance to your hand. The length of the pizza paddle from the heat to the end of the handle should be between 26 and 39 inches.

Ease of cleaning and maintenance – wood pizza paddle need more attention when cleaning. For example, due to its absorbent nature, you cannot mix the paddle in dishwater. Also, before you store it, the wooden pizza paddle needs to be completely dry to prevent it from warping. Stainless steel pizza paddle, a type of metal pizza paddle, has minimal maintenance and is also the easiest to clean.


Stainless steel costs more among the types of pizza paddle. This is because it’s durable, aesthetically appealing and has a thin blade. On the other end of the price spectrum, we have wooden pizza paddle which remains the best in sliding the raw pizza dough. However, wood peel has some downside such as it can get burn spots, a thick blade which is less efficient for retrieving the pizza and need more maintenance. Those are some of the reason why wooden pizza paddle sells cheaper compared to metal pizza paddle. In our research, we have observed that pizza paddle prices range between $20 and $55. Therefore, you can get a peel that suits your budget and fits into your pizza cooking plans.

Whichever pizza paddle you choose, you need to keep it clean and well stored. Most people prefer to hang them on the wall while those who have peels with retractable handles have an option to keep them inside the kitchen cabinet. To make the use pizza paddles easier, purchase a parchment paper- a cellulose-based paper with a non-stick surface used to dispose raw pizza dough into the oven.


Check out our pizza mother ship for more information.

Pizza equipment

Are you thinking about starting a pizza restaurant? Buying used pizza equipment is a brilliant way to cut cost. However, it’s crucial to know what to look for and proverbially “kick the tires” as second-hand products come with risk.

To turn the risk into a tremendous economizing, here is what contemplate before purchasing the pizza equipment. These tips are to ensure you don’t buy an albatross for the pizza restaurant.

pizza tools

Prioritize pizza equipment purchase

To avoid jeopardizing your business operations, you need to know which equipment you are willing to buy as second hands and which you would rather sacrifice and purchase new. Pizza equipment includes: pizza oven, pizza stone, pizza cutter, pizza mixer, rolling pins, pizza paddles, steel pans and the list goes on.


Make a list of all items required and how much each particular piece of pizza equipment will be used more and give an idea of the right size of the unit. If the restaurant is to be operating 24/7, it means some pizza equipment will be running non-stop. It’s wise to invest them in a new piece.

Number of pieces to be purchased

Starting a restaurant calls for a considerable capital which not only goes to purchasing but also furnishing the place and buying attire for the workers. Such amount of money is not easy to raise. Therefore, it’s essential to cut cost where possible. Buying a mix of new and used pizza equipment is a great way to remain within the budget.

Once you know which pizza equipment to buy as second hand, the next step is to find an official dealer who sells used pizza equipment.

Check the pizza equipment condition

It is a no-brainer to examine the state of the pizza equipment thoroughly. Note that, not all pizza equipment are created equally, e.g., a pizza stone. Electronics are the most challenging due to their technicality. If purchasing from an online shop, it’s impossible to examine if it has impending faults or not. Nonetheless, use your eyes and instincts. Newer models tend to run longer even if their aesthetics is less because of dent or scratch.

Consider availability of spare parts

To do this, take note of the pizza equipment model and find out if its replacements are readily available. It’s important to keep in your mind that something might go south with the equipment after purchase where having spare parts puts you on the safe side. This applies to tools such as refrigeration and pizza ovens.

Research the pizza equipment brand name

The brand name is not something to brush off when purchasing used pizza tools. This is because some companies make better products than others. Do a quick research to know which brand is the best per equipment. For example, LG and Samsung are best in refrigerators while pizza craft and kettle pizza make great ovens. However, keep an open mind as a new Toyota is better than an old Cadillac.

Check the warranty of the pizza equipment

A warranty is incredibly important. However, finding a used pizza equipment with a warranty is something that rarely happens unless purchasing it directly from the owner. If lucky, your item might still be under warranty despite having incurred aesthetics faults.

Ensure the pizza equipment has right safety standards

Work safety is something government takes seriously. You also don’t want legal cases to pull you down. When purchasing used pizza equipment, it’s of fundamental importance to ensure it ticks with the health, fire, sanitation and building departments. Otherwise, you will suffer losses if the federal government ask you to replace the equipment or close the restaurant.

type of pizza equipment

Match the pizza equipment with the available space

Space is critical to any business premise. Therefore, ensure that your choice of items such as an oven, refrigerators, cooler and other pizza kitchen kits are not too big for the available space.

Keep the pizza equipment simple

It’s a rule of thumb to keep commercial products simple. Buying complex tools mean you keep training workers if they are new. You can also repair a pizza equipment yourself if it’s less mechanical.

Here is a new hack. You can instead buy second-hand prep tables, sinks, furniture, and prep tools to save money and buy new pizza equipment. Invest more in what propels the business, and it shall thrive.

Pizza equipment and accessories 

Pizza is one of the Americans favorite dishes. While the pizza remains synonymous with order, Americans have begun to practice their superb cooking skills on pizza recipes. Baking a pizza is natural but every aspiring pizzaiolo must have the best tool to achieve a crispy crust with perfect leopard spot on the pizza and evenly cooked toppings. From prepping the dough, slicing, placing, flipping, retrieving to serving of the pizza, here are the pizza accessories that you need to make the process fun and at the end, have a delicious pizza worth bragging.

Pizza equipment and accessories for outdoor wood-fired ovens

KIT pizzaiolo

The kit contains all pizza accessories necessary to bake pizza: ember-mover, small wooden paddle, laser thermometer, pastry cutter, chopping board, cookbook, etc. The tools are made of wood and selected according to high-quality standards.

The peel is used to put a pizza in the oven. The pizza peel is made with a wooden handle and a stainless steel paddle guarantying robustness, cleanliness and easy handling. It’s also round in shape for efficient placing of the pizza dough in the oven

The amber-mover helps to prepare the oven floor, move ash and burn wood to the side.

The dough ball box provides optimum air condition and maintains hygiene for better fermentation of the dough. It can also fit in any home refrigerators.

The infrared laser thermometer allows the baker to read the temperature of the oven to know if it’s ready to place the dough.

The pizza cookbook contains lots of recipes to cook in a wood fire oven.

The gloves are heat resistant ideal to handle the hot parts of the wood-fired oven safely.

The pastry cutter has an ergonomic handle and stainless steel blade for a perfect cut of the dough. The smaller paddle is used to handle dough balls.

Cleaning kit

These pizza accessories are used to wash pizza baking tools and also keep the oven shining.

Pastry board

The pastry board, made of quality wood, is used to give the best result in the realization of the dough.

Rolling pin

A rolling is made of wood, ideal to shape the pizza dough into the right thickness and shape.

Wood Rack

A wood oven needs optimal combustion for better cooking, a role that the wood rack performs.

Pizza accessories for baking a pizza using kitchen oven

Pizza Pans

A pizza pan is one of the essential pizza accessories. The pizza accessory is specially made to give the dough the preferred size and allow the baking process to be efficient. No one to have a soggy dough as pizza. Pizza pans come in a variety. You can get it in square or round shape, iron or in aluminum. These differences (shape, material, and size) bring in different in cost. Choose the one that best suits your pizza baking needs.

Dough trays

This pizza accessory is recommended for commercial pizzaiolo. They are used to store pizza dough, keeping it fresh and at the same time allowing it to proof for a perfect pizza.

Pizza pan lids

Pizza pan lids are used to prevent air from getting to the raw pizza dough allowing it to rise correctly. If this process is interrupted, the result will be a mediocre quality pizza regardless of the baker prowess.

A spiral dough mixer

Mixing a dough with a hand is possible, especially for a small batch. However, if you bake frequently, then a spiral dough mixer will spare you both energy and time needed to prepare a dough. The pizza accessory comes with many selection and prices. Choose one that has a good horsepower and is easy to use.

Pizza Oven

For home pizzaiolo, it’s okay to use the standard oven by placing a pizza stone. However, anyone selling pizza for hotel or restaurant needs a specialized pizza oven. For business owners, a pizza oven is the engine of the business. Investing in a quality brick oven then becomes of paramount importance. Failure to do so not only risk business but also expose workers and customers to hazards. If you are short of funds and still need a pizza oven for commercial production, then you need to consult an expert to ensure you get a quality pizza oven.

To make all the above pizza accessories last longer, you need to know how to they are maintained. Apart from electronics, the rest of the accessories maintenance is DIY hence no substantial repair cost. Whenever you are making a pizza, ensure that the place of baking is super clean to avoid contaminating the dough. If you love cooking with your kids, then you need to label pizza accessories they can handle and ones they need to ask for assistance for safety purpose.