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Pizza Peel Reviews

Pizza Peels and Pizza Accessories!

Growing up in pizza shops

I grew up in the pizza business. Ever since I was about 4 years old I can remember running around the local Pizza shop that my parents and all of my uncles worked at. I started working there before I was legally allowed to get a paycheck.  I now own the restaurant that I grew up in.

Being in the pizza business for all of my life I have worked with more than a few different types of pizza peels. I have worked with or at least tried out almost every kind of Pizza peel there is.

Pizza paddles I've used over the years

  • All wood pizza paddle
  • all aluminum with holes to make it lighter
  • aluminum head and wood handle
  • Long handle / short handle
  • and many more in between...


Of course with all of these years of using being in the pizza business. I am pretty well versed in the whole pizza accessories genre. Oddly enough, I also have an opinion on which are the best pizza cutters and the best pizza dockers and pizza accessories in general.

I try to take my years of knowledge and lay them out throughout this website on various pizza products. So that you can save yourself a little bit of pain and money by learning from my mistakes. I think letting the other guy make the mistake is always a good situation for the person paying attention.

What pizza accessories should I use?

It is hard to find anyone who does not love pizza. The good news is that you don’t have to buy pizza all the time. If you have pizza tools, you can make your favorite food right from home. If you have never made pizza from home, you are probably wondering which pizza tools you need to use.

Pizza is one of those specialty foods that require to use specific tools so you can make it at home. When you're making pizza at home, using the proper pizza tools like a food processor, dough mixer and pizza wheel make your job a lot easier. That's why I'm trying to help explain the obstacles and kitchen tools you will need to make pizza from home.

Here are some essential pizza tools you need:

PIZZA PEELS - editors choice

Throughout this site, we will discuss various pizza-making products. Each and every one of these products is essential to making a proper pizza. They do not seem like much on their own but I assure you they are just as important as the ingredients themselves.

After years and years of experience in the kitchen slinging pizzas. I have learned that there are very big differences between these pizza making tools. I have seen very slow nights become very stressful with lots of product waste simply because of the level of quality in a pizza tool or even the wrong pizza tool altogether.

So I try to take the hassle and the cost out of you having to learn the hard way. Let's face it, you started our business so we could eventually have more time and more opportunities for our families and ourselves. So this is just another step in that direction.

If you're a novice, you're probably wondering what is the difference between a wooden pizza peel and a metal one. Most novice cooks make the mistake of substituting a wooden pizza peel with a metal pizza peel. When you use a metal pizza peel, raw pizza dough is more likely to stick to it compared to a wooden pizza peel. To avoid this, you need to get both a wooden pizza peel that is used for launching and a metal pizza peel that will be used for retrieving.

One of the most valuable pieces of pizza making equipment is the pizza paddle. We talk extensively about pizza paddles and peels on our Pizza Peel page. We discuss the different functions of an all wood pizza paddles and metal pizza paddles. W also include in our review the pizza peel for the home.

PIZZA DOCKER - editors choice

In my, opinion the pizza docker is the unsung hero of pizza tools. This is not typically a tool found inside a home but you will find this pizza tool in every single pizza kitchen around the world. It is essential in making a proper pizza and controlling the bubbles made through the cooking process. Just like every other pizza product, there are different levels of quality. Also, different dockers perform different tasks better than the others dough dockers do.  So a part of your decision-making should be functionality, not just quality.

There are a lot of different criteria that you need to know before understanding what type of docker that you should be looking for. We review a few different dockers on this site along with other pizza tools. SO if you have some questions or just want to learn everything you can about the tools of your trade. Then head on over to our review page and check out some reviews.

PIZZA WHEEL - editors choice

The ever-popular pizza wheel. The pizza wheel is almost as popular and iconic as the pizza itself. Everybody I know has at least 1 pizza wheel in their kitchen drawer. And like so many tools in a toolbox, this is just as important than most pizza tools. The pizza cutter needs to be balanced and have a comfortable grip to work the way you need to in a commercial setting. So Comfort is just as important as quality in this case. And don't forget to keep your pizza wheel sharp.

You are probably wondering why you will need a pizza wheel if you have a knife. However, when it comes to slicing a pizza, a kitchen knife will not do a good job. Instead, you will need to use a pizza wheel. Unlike a kitchen knife which might mess with your pizza toppings or cheese, a pizza wheel allows you to carefully portion your pizza. So you can enjoy perfectly sliced pieces of pizza.

So if you want to learn more about this essential pizza tool then click the link for our Pizza Cutters and Pizza Wheels review page. There is more information there and if you like anything. You are able to click the pic to go to Amazon and check out even more options.

PIZZA OVEN BRUSH - editors choice

This tool is just as crucial to the pizza making process as anything else. If you do not have a clean and properly maintained pizza oven shelves, then you will not be able to have consistent pizzas. You will get a buildup of debris on the shelves which will create cool spots on the pizza oven shelves. Not to mention you don't want to cook your pizza on dirty shelves. So if you don't have an oven brush, get one. There a lot of different ones, but to me making sure it fits all the way to the back of your oven is the most important thing to look for in an oven brush.

I will tell you from personal experience. None of your employees want to brush the pizza oven shelf. Unfortunately for them, it is an essential part of maintaining a pizza oven.  If you provide them a new and effective oven brush and they brush the oven shelves at least 1 time per week. Then it should only take them about 10 minutes to clean every shelve in your pizza oven.

I also talk about a few other techniques that work really well for maintaining your pizza oven. I have learned a few different methods to get the job down for very little money. So if you would like to learn a few more things head over to our Pizza Accessories page. There I talk about the oven brush and a few other things.

Dough mixer - editors choice

This tool is very important because some pizza men or pizza women will swear that it is all about the dough. I would not completely disagree. I think the pizza dough is 1 of the 3 holy trinities for a pizza and that's the dough, the sauce, and how the pizza oven.

I think the combination of the dough, sauce and the pizza oven are the 3 most important phases of making that perfect pizza. Changing one of these 3 things will completely change the flavor and profile of your pizza.

This is why a dough mixer is an essential tool in your quest for the perfect pizza. There are a lot of different factors that come in to play when it comes to the dough mixer that you purchase.

What size dough mixer do I need?

We answer this and many more questions you have on the dough mixers page. Let my lifetime of pizza experience save you time and money!